Vote #MentalMovement in UK Blog Awards 2017

by Mental Movement Magazine
#MentalMovement Magazine

We have been nominated for the Health & Social care category in the UK Blog Awards 2017 but we need your votes to be in with the chance of winning it!

The voting is now open! All you have to do is click HERE to vote for us! It’s literally that simple!

Thank you in advance for voting #MentalMovement in the UK Blog Awards 2017. Once you have voted why not tweet us to tell us you have voted @MentalMovement using the hashtag #UKBA17

For all of us here – it’s kind of a big deal so we’d really LOVE to win this! Although we have only been live for 7 months, we’ve come a long way.

What started as a simple “let’s set up a blog for people like us who are dealing with mental health and waiting months for therapy” to an online community full of incredibly talented bloggers with world-wide readership.

It’s been pretty intense to say the least and we had absolutely no idea that we would by this point be hosting over 40 regular writers, running a quarterly wellbeing maga-zine, hosting multiple collaborations, interviewing celebrities and well known personalities, hosting our first public facing event at The Mental Wealth Festival and accepting multiple invites to the house of lords! And to think, this is only the beginning!

For everyone involved in #MentalMovement; from the writers who first answered our GumTree/Twitter ads to those setting up their own #MentalMovement support groups in New York – you have all been incredible, and we are so proud to have every single one of you on board this journey!

Here are what some of our writers have to say, you know, just to make sure you feel like you totally want to vote for #MentalMovement because we are totally awesome!

“Mental movement has been an incredible resource for me in two very contrasting ways. Firstly, it’s a beautifully constructed blog/zine that provides a plethora of information and insights into mental health which help to erase the stigma and, indeed, the feeling of helplessness and loneliness. Secondly, it’s provided me a platform to share my story, opened up incredible opportunities and helped build a network of likeminded contacts I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to meet. Mental Movement will go far, it has all the requisite tools to make a difference to so many lives and is run by absolutely fantastic people, a winning combination that deserves eternal respect.”    

Writer, Ryan Stolls. 

“#MentalMovement matters. It teaches us that we aren’t alone and I firmly believe that it is going to open many doors for people who may be a little fearful of stepping over the threshold alone. I needed #MentalMovement back then, and many will need it in years to come”

Writer, Anne Roberts

“Words and sentences, or paragraphs may not seem like a lot. But to someone who is in a bad place, every word is worth its weight in gold”

Writer, Lauren Heaver


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Sandra polat December 5, 2016 - 10:49 am

This to girls have worked so hard and come so far…they deserve to win


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