Preparing for Fitness – Jessie Sirr’s Story

by WithLove Jessie

Jessie Sirr, a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, blogger and mental health advocate. A fitness trainer with a passion for empowering others. Jessie share’s her story through mental struggles and her fitness journey.

My name is Jessie and I am a fitness fanatic.

I aim to be the best trainer for others and support women on a journey to feeling comfortable within their own skin no matter what the visual outcome is.

The reason for my passion for doing this is because it is something I struggle with and have done for most of my life.

I suffer from anxiety, body dysmorphia and controlling my eating through emotions and acceptance of myself. I yo-yo in weight and am in a continuous battle with my mind. This often results in the punishment of my body and mind.  I refuse to let it overpower me. As a young mum and a lesbian, accepting that society the way my life worked out has been criticised as not the “norm” has also been part of that acceptance journey.

Helping and empowering others who are on a similar journey to me has really allowed me to accept myself for who I am. As well as slowly being comfortable with myself. This is what has led me to become a blogger and a fitness manager.  I understand that communication and awareness are key. If more people spoke of what they suffer in silence then the more help could be offered to support women on their journey.

I strive to continue to show you can be who you are. You can overcome opinions and become a new generation of what is beyond normal because this is me.

To watch Jessie Sirr chat with Maya about her journey – :

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