City Lit to Explore Gender Disparity in Mental Health for International Women’s Day 2018

by Mental Movement Magazine
City Lit International Womens Day

International Women’s Day falls on Thursday 8 March this year and to celebrate, City Lit are highlighting gender disparity in mental health. 

Known for their dedication to opening important conversations surrounding mental health, it comes as no surprise that the London college has curated an incredible series of thought-provoking workshops to coincide with this year’s celebrations, adopting their own theme and focus.

Join in on workshops exploring Mental Health and Ethnicity, Women’s Mental Health, Suicide Awareness and Prevention and learn about the Alexander Technique for women! Workshops cost only £5 each and are available by booking only. You can find more information about this here.

The City Lit Wellbeing department will also present a staging of female director and playwright Ekanem Hines’ play ‘So U Think I’m Crazy?’ The piece is performed by the cast of Know My Mind (KMM) Community Theatre Group, who raise awareness about mental health from the perspective of service users and carers. Drawing upon inspiration from her 30-year career in social, Ekanem and the cast of ‘So You Think I’m Crazy?’ will perform for 1 hour and 30 minutes (18:30 – 20:00)  with no intermission. The performance will be followed by a Q&A session and panel discussion focusing solely on Race & Gender Disparity in Mental Health (20:15 – 21:00).

To find out more or to book tickets for ‘So You Think I’m Crazy?‘, please click here.

Gender Disparity in Mental Health – Workshops on Thursday 8 March

10:00-11:00 – De-stigmatising Mental Health in the Family (Room 505)

As part of International Women’s Day(#PressforProgress), this session will help both men and women become a little more mindful, acknowledging their power, challenging stigma and their own limitations within social groups, and advocating for a fairer, more just and inclusive approach to mental health care.

11:30-12:30 – Mental Health and Ethnicity (Room 505)

Let’s continue to #PressforProgress . In this session we will explore in particular the ways in which we are defined by and define our own and other’s ethnicity, how our awareness of ethnicity affects our mental health, and how issues of mindfulness, gender, class and ethnicity can intersect and affect our own wellbeing and that of society as a whole.

11:45-12:45 – Alexander Technique for Women (Room 504)

This session will help you to become aware of the way you sit and stand. If we transform the way we hold ourselves we can project and feel fearless, we can go about our daily lives with a more confident attitude. Adopting new postural patterns will have a positive impact in our mental habits and help us to integrate more comfortably in our society. Together let’s #PressforProgress in honour of International Women’s Day.

14:00-15:00 – Women and Mental Health: Perinatal Mental Health Awareness (Room 212) 

Having a baby is a major life event. Biological, social and emotional changes can cause a variety of mental health needs not often spoken about. There is still a veil of stigma surrounding being anything but joyful during pregnancy and early motherhood that prevents women from seeking help. Learn about the disorders pertaining particularly to this time of life and why perinatal mental health is key as we #PressforProgress with women’s mental health outcomes.

15:15-16:15 – Women, Health and Mental Wellbeing (Room104)

Take a pause and #PressforProgess. Come and connect with others in this Women, Health and Mental Wellbeing class, and celebrate International Women’s Day through, shared experiences, movement and mindfulness meditations.

15:30-16:30 – Women and Mental Health: Suicide Awareness & Prevention (Room 114)

Fewer women complete suicide than men but many more make attempts. Suicide one of the UK’s biggest public health problems. We will explore its prevalence among women and debunk popular myths as we #PressforProgress with women’s mental health outcomes on International Women’s day.

Tickets for workshops are available to purchase here. For more information please contact:

About City Lit

City Lit is where London learns… The capital’s ultimate destination for inspiring evening, daytime and weekend courses for adults. Each year City Lit offer thousands of part-time short courses, from one-off sessions to year-long programmes, so choosing a course to fit around your busy life is easy.

Most of the classes take place in their bright, modern flagship building in Covent Garden and are taught by inspiring, enthusiastic teachers, many of whom are leading experts and practitioners in their field.

How Do I Get There?

City Lit main site Keeley Street
Address: Keeley Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 4BA
Fully accessible for people with disabilities
For more information on this venue download the Keeley Street Venue GuideKS_Map.jpg

If you require further information on how to travel to City Lit, you can find additional information here.


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