Trauma Therapy: Get Rid Of Stress & Discover Happiness

by Ruby Daub
trauma therapy

Trauma is the best word that helps in describing painful experiences faced by a person in the past.

The emotionally painful feelings that you experience for years after losing a loved one or the kind of stress and depression that you experience after being sexually abused can be best described by the term trauma.

Whether you have a childhood trauma or it happened to you a couple of years back, you need to look forward to its recovery if you want to become happy in life again.

Don’t Be Ashamed Of Sharing Your Experiences

I have also been a victim of child sexual abuse and I was living with depression until I decided to recover from it. As a child, I always felt ashamed of sharing my experiences with my family members, especially because my abuser was our close family friend. Yes, the person who abused me sexually in my childhood was no one else but my father’s close friend and that’s the reason I never had guts to discuss my story with my loved ones and friends.

On top of that, I was a very shy person which was another reason I failed to talk about my experiences to anyone. As a child, you do not know what is good and bad for your life. And hence you always try to stay away from those things and situations which can create problems in your life, even if they need to be condemned. Even though I was living with sheer depression, I never wanted to talk about my condition and reveal the character of my abuser because I had this feeling that it will end up creating greater problems in our family.

Whether you talk about rape or child sexual abuse, our society has never given us that space wherein a victim can share her experiences openly. We are kind of taught to hide such issues because they ruin our reputation and put a question mark in our character. Rather than accepting the fact that, victims of child sexual abuse need more support from the society when it comes to holding abusers accountable for their actions, people try to suppress them.

Many times when victims of child sexual abuse reveal their problems to family members and relatives, they are told to keep quiet about it because it is believed that such issues can damage the reputation of the entire family. In such cases, the victims face tremendous emotional pain, until they actually recover from the emotional trauma.

As a victim of child sexual abuse, I have always been unhappy with the kind of life I was living. I always wanted to break all boundaries that the society has created over the years. I wanted to condemn the stereotypes, but never actually had the strength to do that, and due to that I continued to live with depression until I actually spoke about it to someone. I was 14-years old when I first experienced sexual abuse, and I discussed it with a friend after four years. Yes, I was 18-years old when I finally revealed my story to a good friend of mine, whom I trust a lot. Once I had the confidence that she wouldn’t discuss my story with anyone, I spoke to her about everything.

I told her that how I used to feel when a person whom I call uncle used to abuse me sexually. It was never easy for me to live with that feeling, as I always felt that I had no other option but to keep quiet about it.

Because of this problem, I never enjoyed my school days and early college days. I never felt safe even in my own house, as that person used to visit us frequently. And imagine, how would you feel when the safest place in this world become the most unsafe for you. It’s really difficult to handle such things as they keep on haunting you.

Trauma Therapy Is Really Helpful

However, once I discussed my problem with my friend I started feeling a little better. In fact, she asked me to go for trauma therapy so that I could recover from the problem. But even though she asked me to meet a therapist, I was not ready to discuss my issue with others. One fine day, both of us started looking for recovery program over the internet, and that’s when we came across CHARTER Harley Street, a rehabilitation centre that offers trauma therapy.

I went to this rehab centre and decided to take their help to recover from my trauma. In the beginning, I used to share my problem with the therapist and based on my experiences, he used to offer necessary advice. During my first therapy session, which ran about 90-minutes, I told everything about my sexual abuse experience to the therapist. Once that was over, I went for individual therapy sessions because I did not want to discuss my story in front of a group. I learned a lot about how to handle the world around me and my own life from my therapist.

In short, my decision to go for a trauma therapy proved to be really helpful for me as it helped me to recover from my problem. If you are also a victim of child sexual abuse, please go for trauma therapy, as it will surely change your life.


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