Poppy’s Pursuit: The Battersea Park Run (14th Nov, 2016)

by Poppy

Poppy’s Pursuit follows #MentalMovement writer Poppy aka ‘The Normal Lady’ through her intense challenge of training for the London Marathon 2017.

Each week Poppy will document the trials and tribulations of achieving optimum wellbeing as the BBC film her for their latest documentary focusing on the positive effects of running for your mental health. Through blog or Vlog you can keep up to date with poppy’s progress as she challenges herself both mentally and physically to run for next years London Marathon.

Day One: 14th November, 2016. “Today I went on my first run”

I have to say that I struggled to leave my house to go for the run. My anxiety and fear of failure was kicking my butt and overriding my positive thoughts. I was so scared of actually getting out and doing the run just incase I couldn’t do it! Finally at 2pm after speaking to the lovely #MentalMovement girls I found the courage to just get out and do it!

Once I was out in the park I got super paranoid that EVERYONE knew it was my first time (clearly they had no idea) and I felt as though they were all judging me. Once I got into the swing of things I could feel my anxiety and fear of failure literally falling off me with every step I ran. That alone was the most amazing feeling!

Before I left I was on a massive low but as I got back home I knew I was going through a massive high. That was another scary feeling because it was a manic high, one that felt good but dangerous at the same time. I felt amazing that I had actually gone out and pushed myself to achieving a big mile stone in a little life, nothing can beat that feeling of actually achieving something.

If I didn’t find the courage to actually get out my house and do the run, I would never have been able to shift that brick wall in my head. Whilst out, I decided to film a little Vlog as I got to the park so you guys could see what I was doing and really understand where my head was at.

I just want to do myself proud and show people that when you put your mind to something, you can do anything! All you’ve gotta do it break down the same brick wall you’ve built up.

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