Overcome Your Fear of Yoga at The Mind, Body, Soul & Wellbeing Festival

by Emma Michelle Williams
Mind, Body, Soul & Wellbeing Festival Kempton Park

Despite the scientifically backed medical research stating that practising Yoga regularly can effectively reduce our stress and anxiety levels, it can be quite an overwhelming feet to suddenly jump into. Especially when you are dealing with, well, anxiety *facepalm*. 

There are quite literally classes and studios popping up everywhere, making it a horrendously arduous task to locate a good, low-key, no pressure beginners class. Sigh.

If you are anything like me you might feel slightly intimidated by Yoga in general. Having once walked past a LuLu Lemon store at 7:30 am and been aghast to witness real-life Yogi’s fully indulged in their advanced yoga positions at the crack of dawn, I can honestly say the Yoga world terrifies me.  Quite frankly, it’s intimidating and most times, I’m just left wanting to downward-face dog my way down a very steep hill.

But, amongst the sea of experts, uncomfortable beginner classes and terrifying yogi’s who stand on their head for an entire class (yes, I have been in that class, yes, that person does exist), are a group of well-attuned people who seek to support, inspire and encourage those of us who want to fight our worries and insecurities so we too can enjoy the benefits of practising yoga.

These people are often found at Holistic & Mystic’s Mind, Body, Soul & Wellbeing Festival weekend held at Kempton Park Racecourse on the 17th & 18th November – and boy are we thankful it exists!

The weekend itself is filled with healing, an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls and plenty of ways discover what the wellbeing world has to offer on a local, more personable level. Unlike many of the shows operating out of this field who offer somewhat drab, ‘shopping centre’ like experiences, this intimate, warm energy, two-day winter festival offers visitors a multitude of experiences they are unlikely to forget anytime soon.

It’s also the perfect environment to try yourself at some yoga, with a really impressive line-up of teachers and classes on offer, including:

  • Firey Vinyasa Flow intertwined with Mindfulness‘ with Roisin Kinch / Concrete Jungle Yoga (Sat & Sun)
  • How to beat stress and be more present through movement‘ with Darren Yap (Sat & Sun)
  • ‘Reggae Yoga Class’ with Simone Venner aka MsHolistic (Sat)
  •  ‘Release Your Worries and Return to Happiness’ Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Kathryn McCusker (Sun)

The event also offers an extensive array of exhibitors giving you the opportunity to meet with and try out different therapies, products and techniques that can help and enhance our lifestyles.

Talks & workshops also run throughout the entire day with some really inspiring key speakers.

At the end of each show day, you might find yourself laying alongside a room full of incredible people as you delve deep into a sound bath – a hugely popular and highly anticipated experience hosted by Holistic Healing Therapy.

Either way, this two-day experience can be enjoyed by the entire family and really does have something for everyone and if you have dealt with a fear of trying out Yoga simply because you feel you ‘don’t fit the visual’, fear embarrassment or just get super anxious at the thought of a class full of people you don’t know, then I challenge you to get down to the show and meet us. We can Yogi together! Seriously. Drop us a message via @mentalmovementmagazine (on Instagram) and tell us you are coming and we WILL do this together!

Yoga passes for each day cost just £8 which is an absolute steal considering how many classes you can drop into – early bird general admission tickets are available until Halloween so make sure you grab them asap! You can grab your tickets here.

For more information and to view the full line-up of speakers, workshops, classes and exhibitors, click here

Mind, Body, Soul & Wellbeing Festival Kempton Park

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