8 Ways to Improve Your Social and Emotional Life Skills through Traveling

by Lilly Miller
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Are you considering taking time off from school or work and just travel but your head is filled with inhibitions that hold you back?

Well, travelling is exactly what you need. It will not only provide you with priceless memories but also give you a chance to improve your social and emotional skills you can later use during your education and career. Travelling contains many obstacles that require you to use all your emotional and social intelligence, so your skills will only get better farther you go. Here’s how exactly travelling can give you new life skills and allow you to exercise your existing ones. 

It straightens social skills 

If you prefer to travel alone, you will have a much bigger potential to meet new people even if you’re not exactly a social butterfly. While you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy your own company, you can also boost your interaction with other, like-minded people. Since your mindsets match, you can expect great conversations about all sorts of shared topics. If you’re not used to sparking up conversations with random people, it will take you some time to get used to it, but once you get over the fear, you will meet amazing people. And strong social skills are necessary for every part of life, so they are worth fighting for. 

It teaches you time management 

Time management is one of the best things travelling can teach you. If you don’t know how to manage your time, you won’t survive that long on the road—expect extended layovers, dead zones and missed opportunities. But, once you get the hang of it on your travels, you can do the same once you come back home and have a chill and organized future. 

It promotes independence

If you never spent much time away from your parents, friends and your warm bed, travelling with be just the challenge you need. A few weeks or even months away from home will give show you what it means to be independent and how to properly budget your money and manage your time. You can set a few goals for yourself: spend a week on $5 per day in Asia, grab souvenirs for your family for $1 each in Africa or stop paying for entertainment altogether. Or you can try finding a perfect studio rental in Hong Kong and see how well you’ll survive on your own. If you find the right accommodation, everything else is much easier to handle. These challenges will show you just how independent and sharp you can be which will give you confidence in day-to-day situations. 

It teaches you how to cope with stress

Cutting stress out of your life is practically impossible. But what’s possible is learning how to deal with that modern pest. No matter where you go, stress will follow and become overwhelming and disorienting, especially when you’re somewhere foreign. This can be a bit too much at the beginning, but soon you’ll learn how to deal with stress quickly and efficiently and how to relieve it in a healthy way. 

It requires teamwork

Travelling with friends is fun, but it requires good collaboration. Even if you travel with one other person, you will need to find common goals, compromise and work together in order to have a fun experience. 

It broadens your horizons 

Do you suffer from something called ‘habitual closed-mindedness’? Well, travel can definitely help with that phenomenon. It allows you to see the world, experience new events, meet different people and have exciting adventures that challenge you to see things in a different light. This will result in having fewer stigmas and taboos about certain people and places, which can open many new doors and evolve your way of thinking. 

It makes you more resilient 

Most of the time, your time spent at your destination is highly limited, so you need to get over your fears, grow a thicker skin and become more resilient. Climbing that mountain in Ireland might seem hard, but people do it every day, so there’s no way you can’t do that also. Unknown foods might look a little funny, but people eat them every day and so can you.  Each new encounter with the unknown allows you to grow your confidence and turns you into a stronger person. 

It makes you more adaptable 

When travelling, things almost never go 100% according to plan, so you’ll have to learn how to think on your feet and adapt to new situations. Oftentimes you can’t get the room you wanted, you can’t find a spot at the restaurant you wanted or your flight gets delayed. If you want to enjoy your trip at all, you need to go with the flow instead of letting small disappointments ruin your adventure. 

So, if you have the chance, set some time aside for travelling. It will allow you to recharge your batteries and help you develop many valuable social and emotional skills you will cherish forever.

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