Holistic & Mystic Mind, Body, Soul & Wellbeing Festival at Kempton Park

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Holistic & Mystic

Holistic & Mystic create vibrant and enriching mind, body and soul events that bring together the best spiritual and wellbeing products, experts and experiences all in one place.

Whether you’re a newbie meditator or a well-practised yogi, there is something for everyone at every show.

Book your tickets now for this years Holistic & Mystic Mind, Body, Soul & Wellbeing Festival at Kempton Park! This vibrant and fun day out brings together the best spiritual and wellbeing products, experts and experiences all in one place. You can shop 70+ exhibitors selling organic hand-made skincare, crystals and gorgeous jewellery as well as offering experiences such as psychic readings, healing therapies and life coaching. You can also enjoy the FREE yoga, belly dancing and Tai Chi sessions.

Connect, share and gain insight from highly skilled and gifted individuals offering a wide range of experiences and treatments, including psychic readings, massage, healing therapies, reflexology, aura photography, Bach flower therapy, hypnotherapy and life coaching.

These shows are also a great place to learn, develop and get inspired at the FREE talks and workshops taking place throughout, hosted by exceptionally gifted speakers and covering a range of topics.

Amongst the fascinating talks taking place on both days, catch Past Life Regression by Kathleen Baillie at 11:35am on the Saturday; learn how to access past life knowledge, for healing phobias, fears and learn how to enhance current abilities by accessing previous patterns of success and skills, useful to achieving further fulfilment in this lifetime. On Sunday at 11:15am catch Alison Sheryll with Open your Psychic Fieldl be guided through beautiful meditations, visualisations for opening up as well as grounding techniques. Perfect for beginners and mixed levels and those who wish to explore their intuition and spiritual connections.

There are literally so many workshops, talks and yoga sessions going on – we want to go to ALL of them but we’ve managed (with great difficulty) to sift through them all to find our TOP 5 must go-to workshops that we know you will love too!


1: Heal the self with Kathleen Baillie and Anita Panayiotis

When: 11.15am (60 mins) Sat 27th May

Learn how to transform yourself through self – healing.  Kathleen and Anita demonstrate the power of crystal healing and self – hypnosis.   Learn how to focus on areas of pain and to use quantum healing techniques to improve health and well – being. The power is within you, learn how to unlock it and heal the self.

2. Healing Trauma: Soul Perspective with Ishala Wayshower
When: 12:35pm (55 mins) Sun 28th May

Why have so many of us experienced trauma? Could this really be part of a bigger picture?
As an expert Soul Whisperer, Ishala taps into the Divine Blue Print by interpreting the energetic impact of soul trauma and how it creates a block to shining our Light. In this experiential workshop we’ll learn about working with advanced healing pathways to clear deep wounds and understand our role in creating the new 5D earth from the soul’s perspective. As a mutli-dimensional wayshower, Ishala shows us how to reclaim our power and reset to our Divine Original Blue Print.

3. Aroma Yoga Session with Alice Pead 
When: 12.30 pm (50 mins) Sunday 28th May
A workshop that combines Hatha Yoga & Chi-Kung, infused with doTERRA essential oils to create a calming and revitalising space. In this workshop Alice will work to release toxins held physically in the body and subtly in the emotions, by guiding you through a gently re-storative yoga class using asana postures, energy work and then finishing with a deeply healing guided mediation.
4. Sound Bath with Gary Evans 

When: 11:45am Sat 27th May

Our Gong Bath events are a unique experience and are designed to help release built up stress. Deeply relaxing and enjoyable, Gong Baths are also known as sound bathing, because the body becomes immersed in relaxing sound waves. Not only will you hear the sound waves but you will feel them too! The lower frequency sound waves act in a similar way to deep tissue massage. We use a variety of instruments such as rattles, crystal bowls, drums and our gong to help maximize the effects and to increase excitement and interest. Join us; you might be surprised at the results!
5. How to Start and Grow your own Profitable Holistic Business with Debora Luzi
When: 4.30pm Sat 27th May

Debora shares her experiences of starting a business that combines a product and services with very little money. Learn about strategies to grow your network, offerings you can create, marketing ideas and the right mindset


DATE: 27th & 28th May

TICKET PRICE: £6 – £12 available to purchase here 

LOCATION: Kempton Racecourse

TRAVEL & PARKING: Kempton Park Racecourse is just 16 miles from London with direct trains from London Waterloo, plenty of parking is also available.

BOOK A STAND FOR YOUR BRAND: If you are interested in a stand at this years event, there are a tiny amount of stalls available – please contact Tracy on tracy@holisticandmystic.com for more information

Holistic & Mystic Show

For more information on the show, you can visit their website here or follow them on Twitter and Facebook 


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