The First Step To Recovering From Anxiety Is Acknowleding You Suffer

by Severina Berry
anxiety recovery

I’ve been battling anxiety for 3 years now. On the outside everything seems calm and fine, but on the inside it’s a different story. I have good days, where I’m my usual bubbly self and everything is fine and I have bad days, where anxiety has left me feeling overwhelmed and I haven’t been able to carry on as normal. However I refuse to let anxiety control me and cripple me and I’m determined to overcome my anxiety once and for all.

I’ve been trying my hardest to recover from suffering with anxiety, one thing I’ve learnt is recovery is essential to overcoming my anxiety, but recovery is as equally hard as battling with my anxiety. You see recovery isn’t linear, recovery isn’t an upwards curve where everything suddenly becomes OK. Instead, recovery is when you see things starting to get better, recovery is having ups and downs along the way, and most importantly recovery is finding the strength to say, I can do this.

My first step to recovery was accepting that I suffer from anxiety. At this point I realised my anxiety is probably going to be long term and it’s something I’m slowly learning to manage. Acceptance really helped to put my anxiety into perspective for me, whilst I’d rather not face the realities of anxiety affecting me the way that it does, it shows that it is possible to recover from anxiety and I won’t be left trapped forever.

The next step was receiving help. I knew something was wrong with me and I wanted to put it right.  During my first year of college I received Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help me cope with anxiety. I found CBT really helpful, as we looked at what triggered my anxiety and I was taught different strategies to help me cope with my anxiety. When I was going through a particular bad patch with my anxiety, one of my teacher’s taught me mindfulness, as a way of coping. Mindfulness is all about focusing on being in the present moment. I’ve found mindfulness really helpful with helping me manage my anxiety.

The final step is understanding and accepting that bad days aren’t setbacks, they are just another hurdle along the way. I’m learning to accept that whilst I learn to manage my anxiety I’ll have bad days. However it’s knowing what to do in these bad days that help me. The bad days don’t last forever and they are making me stronger every time

If I’ve learnt anything from recovering from anxiety is that I’m determined not to let anxiety get in the way of my life. I’m becoming more confident and one day anxiety will no longer affect me. Why? Because I’m stronger than my anxiety, I’m strong enough to overcome this and I will.

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