How to Keep a Thought Journal to Combat Anxiety

by Emma Michelle Williams

Image by Manjit Thapp 

Journal your life from January 1st, 2017! If you guys are anything like us, you might get as ridiculously excited as we do about the prospect of new stationary, journals, notebooks, pens, blogging – we could go on!

One of the most useful ways to combat stress and anxiety is to keep a running journal of your thoughts and get them straight down onto paper. There’s no better way to learn about your thought processes than to write/sketch/illustrate/collage/paint them down. 

That’s why we would love you to join us and ‘Journal your Journey’ of the up’s and down’s of living with mental health. Oh, and January 1st is tomorrow by the way – no pressure.

Whether it’s a tiny sketchbook, a pack of post-it’s or a home-made journal – get something down on paper every day of 2017.

We don’t expect gallery standard work every single day, even if it’s just one word summing up your mood for the day. Heck, don’t even do it for us, do it for yourself! We’d love to learn more about you, your journey and how you deal with everything that comes with living with mental health – let’s use 2017 to depict mental health/mental illness through our creativity, our words and our art.

Journalling is a hugely therapeutic and inexpensive resource. In fact, the less you spend on all the fancy bits, the more you have to think about ways to make your creativity excel. Discover yourself, delve deep into your thought processes and find the things that positively influence your happiness every single day. Use your completed journal at the end of the year to look back on how far you’ve come, the choices you made and remind yourself of what an incredible human you really are. Celebrate your happiness and allow yourself to accept the sadness. Take time out for yourself each day to reflect, learn and drive yourself forward.

We would love to exhibit some of your pieces at our launch later in 2017, so keep us posted on your progress and pen work! As soon as you have something, email it over to us at

Below are some pieces from some of our favourite artists who have inspired us to start journalling our own journeys with mental health. Click on the images below to delve more into their work and get scribblin’!

Manjit Thapp

Juliana Coles

Greg Sand

Greg Sand

Ruby etc


Katerina Demetriou-Jones

Various Artists

Maria Wigley 


Rodrigo De Filippis, “RodrigBoy”


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