5 Yoga Poses That Will Help You Fight Depression

by Dr Sohil Guntagani
Yoga for Depression

Yoga is an ancient and very active mind and body approach that is proven to be effective for PSTD, chronic and acute depression, and anxiety. It can also enhance your overall well being. Yoga has been a chosen method to treat depression from thousands of years throughout Asia. And, it was originated in India.

Depression, a disorder that adversely affects your brain, can often be triggered by major life events such as losing a loved one or witnessing tragic events etc. When the symptoms of depression aggravate, then it is known as clinical depression.

Basic symptoms can include:

  • Feeling guilty and worthless daily
  • Lack of concentration, an increase of indecisiveness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • One feels fidgety, dull, and unstable.
  • Significant increase or decrease in weight.

Factors that cause depression:

Hereditary, hormone imbalance, post-surgery reaction, higher levels of Stress, and loneliness are the leading cause of depression. Stress is one of the main factors of depression. Stress refers to the response of the body in a critical situation or threat. It may be in reality or imagination. The body increases its alertness in times of stress. This phenomenon is known as flight or fight response or Stress response.

Stress causes an increase in heartbeat, muscle weakness, forgetfulness, etc. Stress produces both physical and psychological symptoms. Stress may cause many diseases like diabetes, depression, anxiety disorder and, Alzheimer’s disease.  According to ADAA, if you feel depressed more than once two weeks, you could be dealing with a major depressive episode.

There are many asanas or poses that are very effective in anxiety and depression. A major component of yoga is to breathe. Regular meditation and yoga reconnect you to your wholeness. Five highly useful yoga poses or asanas for depression are:

1: Uttanasana or forward fold:

According to B.K.S Iyengar in his insight on Yoga, any kind of depression can be significantly improved if you practice this yoga pose on a regular basis.

2: Janu sisarsan or Head to knee Bend(forward):

This forward fold pose claims to heal the mind and stretches across groin and hamstring. It also strengthens and stimulates the kidney and liver.

3: Bhajangasana or cobra pose:

It is a backbend pose and appears like the hood of a cobra. It strengthens the chest and also increases the elasticity of the lungs.

4: Samba sirsasana or support headstand:

It is known as the king of all poses. When you pose your body upside down, your blood flows through your body. It also reduces anxiety and Stress from your mind. Other beneficial asanas or poses for treatment of depression are below.

5: Urdhva Mukha Svanasana:

This pose is useful to aid depression and mental fatigue. To do this asana or pose, one has to lay on your stomach. Face your palm downward near to rib, lift torso and align your legs and arms at some distance on the floor. Press legs on to the floor and align your face upwards. Firm the shoulder blades against your back, look ahead and tip your head back.

6: Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar

This is another asana that contains various postures that includes inhalation and exhalation in every step. It is proven in its use against depression and stress.

First pose: Stand straight, inhale air and relax. Bring your hands together like Namaste in position.

Second pose: Start breathing in and out, separate your hands. Now move them in the backward direction.

Third pose: Exhale and Bend down and touch your feet.

Fourth pose: Bend your knee and rest you are both palms on the ground. Put your right leg forward, so that it touches your chest.

Fifth pose: Do the same with your left leg and sit on your both legs. Move your chin upward and exhale and inhale calmly.

Sixth pose: Stretch legs raise your hip upward in a way that your belly does not touch the ground.

Seventh pose: Inhale calmly and straighten your legs, hands and place your legs so that your groin, legs, and knees touch the ground.

Eighth post: Stretch legs forward and backwards to reduce anxiety and Stress.

Ninth pose: Stand-up and straighten your body. Place your hands in namaste position.


Yoga is undoubtedly an excellent and useful method to treat stress, anxiety, depression, amnesia, etc. It is convenient and does not require any kind of equipment.

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