How To Prepare For The New School Year In Advance

by Farzeen

The most dreaded time of year is finally upon us, back to school. After weeks of lazing around, traveling and binge watching tv shows we finally have to go back to our old school routine.

Now, if you’re like me who has been off for months then you can only imagine how hard it’s gonna be to adjust to the school routine again. So to not only help myself but also people who might find themselves in the same situation here’s how we can prepare for the new school year in advance:

1. Complete any major tasks you had planned to do over the summer


If you’re someone like me who likes to use their summer break to complete big errands like rearranging your bedroom, cleaning out your wardrobe, or organizing your drawers then make sure that you finish the task that you were meant to do this summer before it’s too late.

2. Start a consistent sleep schedule


We all know when summer approaches, our sleep schedule drastically changes. We stay up late and wake up even later and with school quickly approaching this is something that needs to change. So, try to start sleeping a little earlier as the days go by. For example, if you usually sleep at 3am, change that Β to 2am for one night and then 1am the next and so on. This way you’ll slowly get back to your normal sleep routine without drastically changing it all at once.

3. Do your research


It’s always better to be prepared then to have sudden surprises occur. If you’re able to, go over your schedule, the timings and the locations of all your classes. You can also go over your professors and search them online to see how they grade and what their teaching style is like. Doing a little research in advance will make your first week of school a smooth one. You can also go over the textbooks you will need and other essentials you’ll need to buy for the upcoming school year.

4. Remember that everything is going to be okay


Remember that you’ve been through the school year before and you’ve been through both the ups and downs of it, and if you can get through it once then you can definitely get through it again. Reach out for help when you need it and also remember that your grades do not define your self worth and when you feel like it’s going to be the end of the world because you didn’t do well on your exam still remind yourself that everything will be okay.

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