Mood Bunker Series: Suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)

by Lydia Gonzalez Otero
Rob Wood Images

Photograph by: Rob Wood Images 

All through my life, my lows and highs have defined who I am; my achievements and withdrawals, my painful standstills, my struggle to make even the smallest decision or move forward towards my goals and dreams.

The worst face of my inner conflict has wounded my confidence and capacity to overcome life challenges with focus, determination and clarity. It has seemed as running through a crumpled journey in which every path setup was bringing me back to the source, straining me to see the finish line.

Without knowing, I have been battling against myself over and over again, and when, after so many months, I finally felt a little bit better, I wasn´t the same…not only was my energy drained but my concerns about my mental health were significantly deeper. All I wanted was to be told that I had a serious illness, then, soon the season came again.

Luckily, not before time, I come across the Seasonal Affective Disorder syndrome and the insight of believing that this could be the label of all my problems stirred a deep emotion of profound revelation, liberation and an act of inner love… I could finally find peace after so many years of struggling with my recurrent ups and downs.

The journey has been full of hazards since, being diagnosed and prescribed wrongly by the specialists so many times that my path was filled up with even more uncertainty and fear.

However, when the right treatment was presented, I started to take charge of my life. I accepted my situation as one which singularly presented me with the challenges and also the opportunities to grow even higher and become the person I am now today.

I adopted the best day-to-day practices following expert advice and started to rise towards the summit of my endless mental and emotional possibilities, not without resting in the valleys when needed.

The opportunity to learn from my feelings, emotions and mindset has been enjoyable and a continuous learning track that has filled my life with inspiration and focuses since.

I now aim to improve my capacity to manage my thoughts and daily habits by influencing my best capabilities, strengths and passions into an art of doing. A challenging opportunity to master the kind of person I aspire to be.

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