Poppy’s Pursuit: The Feeling After I ran My First 10K Race

by Poppy
poppy faruggia

I have to start by saying I flipping completed my 1st official race!! 10 flipping K! Ahhhh!!!The build up to my 10k race was crazy. I endured an injury on my left leg that left me feeling a bit down about myself and made me second guess if I was really up for running this marathon.

I couldn’t believe that my legs had carried me around, walked me through some horrible times in my life… and now that I want to move forward in a positive way, my knee decides this is all a bit much and throwing me a huge curve ball. Just what I needed to make me feel good about myself.

Besides the knee issues, I was dealing with some stuff of my own and learning how to make good choices. All of this, as well as training for my first official race – thank god I have an amazing coach who has accepted me into his community and gives me a place I can feel safe and supported no matter what.

If it wasn’t for my coach, I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to run the 10K. He stuck with me all the way and never left my side! Some of my coaches crew, ChasingLights Collective, were also running the race, so on the odd occasion I would see them along the race and it would give me a real boost of confidence, reminding me that I am not alone on this journey.

poppy faruggia

When I finally got to the finish line with my coach, all of his crew were waiting for me at the finish line ready to cheer me in and see me through. I honestly had to fight back the tears. I felt such an overwhelming sense of love and acceptance, something I haven’t felt for such a long time. These are people I have only met a hand full of times, but we all share that same understanding of why we’re doing what we’re doing and the benefits of putting on foot in front of the other.

The moment I crossed the finish line 1hr 8mins after I started I turned to my right and there was my coach… the person I couldn’t have run this race, without. We shared such a special moment for me in my life and I was so proud of myself; proud to be apart of “Project X”!

poppy faruggia

I’ve come to realise that me putting one foot in front of another is not just helping me but it is helping people around me.

The London Marathon will be the biggest challenge of my life but I am truly convinced I will be able to finish it and spread my message to everyone who wants to hear it!

I recommend anyone who wants to start running go and see my lovely coach down at – ChasingLights Collective 

You can also catch ChasingLights Collective on Instagram here and Facebook, here.



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