Mental Movement Magazine Wins UK Blog Awards 2017

by Mental Movement Magazine
UK Blog Awards 2017

We are really pleased to announce that last week we managed to bag ourselves a UK Blog Award as we won the highly competitive company category in Health & Social Care. 

Although we were personally unable to attend the event due to our own mental health/anxiety and general socially reclusive behaviour at present (massive sigh), we sent our incredible event’s co-ordinator Lorna who very kindly and much to our surprise actually had to get up and accept the award on our behalf (sorry Lorna).

Ten minutes before Lorna graced the stage to accept the award we were back at home in Surrey sitting with our phones tightly grasped in our hands, curled up on the sofa glaring at the twitter feed for The UK Blog Awards as they announced each categories highly commended finalists and eventual winners. Realising our anxiety levels were now through the roof (yes, even when in the comfort of our own lounge and in our own PJ’s) we were so relieved and so grateful to be supported and represented by someone so willing to champion and support our work so genuinely, we literally cannot thank Lorna enough! You are amazing!

So, a couple of hundred twitter refreshes later and a sudden halt of the live-time watsapp messages coming in from Lorna, there was absolute silence. “Did her battery die? Is Lorna OK? OMG – what’s going on?” *inserts watsapp transcript following a silence that felt like 3 years in length*

Lorna was back online!

Lorna: “We wonnnnnnnn” 

Us: “OMFGGGG SHUT UP!! Noooooooooo”, NO, No way!? *refreshed Twitter Feed to find alternative source just in case Lorna was reporting from an alternate reality (apparently absolute disbelief causes such strange behaviour)

Lorna: “YESSSSSSSS …. literally chucked my phone onto the guy next to me!!”

And, to be clear – it’s not that we could not believe we won because we don’t believe everyone at Mental Movement Magazine is worth this win, it’s that, we’d been up against Cancer Research UK and the likes; naturally we are always fuelled with so much self-doubt and we literally have no idea what we are doing half of the time, medicated or not. So it really was a huge surprise, a much needed confidence booster and huge achievement for every single person who has ever worked with Mental Movement.

UK Blog Awards 2017So here’s to anyone who’s ever been affected by mental illness; had anxiety so bad they could barely function; been so highly medicated their clouded thoughts made it feel almost impossible to perform the most basic of tasks; for the people who didn’t believe in you or told you, you couldn’t do it, those of you reading this from your phones in the rooms you haven’t left for a few days because your depression won’t allow it – this award is for you!

Every day YOU fight a battle that very few will see and everyday YOU push to survive the rollercoaster of emotions that comes when dealing with this stuff. Steph and I both want to prove to you all that anything is possible, and even we ourselves are very limited in our own capabilities. We don’t make phone calls, we hardly go out, we are literally just winging it… but where there is a desire to help others, there is a desire to keep going. To the non-believers, the doubters, the people who shun people with mental illness, bitch about people suffering with their mental health on work breaks amongst colleagues, the managers who tell you your position is no longer valid due to your mind related work absences, the Doctor who told you “everyone is suffering with their mental health these days”, the psychiatrist who waved life changing therapy options in front of your face but said you can’t have it unless you are going to kill yourself at that very moment, the trolls, the change makers in positions to make the change but don’t, the parents of young people who are silently suicidal but too afraid to speak out to you because of the way you talk about people with mental illness – this award is for the people you continue to silence.

 Let this award be proof that people with mental illness can be successful, make change and inspire the world. People with mental illness look like lawyers, artists, singers, writers, scientists, teachers, daughters, brothers, grandmothers. They are you and I. We are not defined by the labels we are given, we are so much more than that and as much as this stuff tries to destroy us it also offers us a unique perspective on life that enriches our very experiences on this earth. For that, I am most grateful.

A huge thank you to every single person who took the time out to vote for us in the first round, we know in this fast paced world how time consuming that can be so we’d really like you to know that you got us to the finish line and we are very grateful for your belief in our work.

We’d also like to congratulate all of the other winners at this years UK Blog Awards and especially those whom we shared nominations with in our category – you all do incredible work and we are honoured to have been placed beside you for this years awards.

If we could chop this award up into tiny fragments and mail them out to every single person who has shared their story on mental movement then believe me, we would, because this award is your award! You made this award happen and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate every single one of you! You are all winners, you all inspire us and this is only just the beginning.

The UK Blogs Awards 2017


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Ella May 2, 2017 - 2:26 pm

I am so unbelievably happy that you guys won, very well deserved. You’re doing a great thing, keep it up! x

Mental Movement Magazine
#MentalMovement May 3, 2017 - 1:57 pm

Hi Ella,

Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Really happy it made you happy!

Take care and keep in touch! All the best, Emma X


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