Depression Doesn’t Exist

by Matt Peet

Well, at least that’s what I thought until it came into my life. When I say came ‘into my life‘ I mean it in the ‘physical
form that you create with your mind. Depression is often said to be a chemical imbalance in your brain but it could also be triggered because something has happened in your life that results in oneself ‘burning out’. Although it’s relatively normal to feel deflated or low after a long weekend of partying, feeling the physical burn after an intense work out, but this emotional pain that resonates in your body as a result of depression, is so much more than that.

Depression has many different analogies but one of my favourites is the ‘the house of cards’. Every time you meet someone and start to build a relationship with them they add a card to your ‘house’, every time there is a problem or stress in your life another ‘card’ is added and eventually when your ‘house’ may have had too many cards added or its design isn’t very stable, it will come crashing down.

At first, I didn’t really know what was happening; it was alien to me and I couldn’t seem to silence the thoughts of dread in my head. Not being able to sleep went hand in hand with not being able to get up and my fiance’s family soon began to worry that I may be getting ill. I was then ambushed by my own family and forced to go to the doctors as they had “seen this before”. Once we’d arrived, I remember saying to my dad in the waiting room “we can just leave, the doctors can’t do anything” but he Just shot me a look as if to say don’t even try it.

After being told I was overthinking things, my doctor gave me a phone number and some pills. I went home feeling very deflated and I did something that I would never advise when you are ill; I googled my medication. Anti-depressant was plastered all over the screen but the doctor hadn’t mentioned me being depressed?

In my head, as I look over google at all the information, I’m coming to realise I have a new found friend; depression.



Depression:So depression; how soft are you?


Depression:I never thought you would get depressed! Eh just goes to show you are weaker than you thought!

Me:Shut up, I am going to get better



Depression:… No you’re not!

I sighed to myself and asked, “Will I ever feel like me again?

Depression:You don’t have to think about that now, let’s turn all the lights out, get into bed and forget about it eh?

Me:OK, I am tired. Tomorrow is another day.

Depression:Yeah, tomorrow is your day.

Deep down I knew my new friend didn’t really believe that and, at the time, neither did.


If you or anyone you know is struggling with their Mental Health, you can find valuable help and advice here. Or alternatively you can speak with the Samaritans 24/7 here.

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Alfred B February 25, 2017 - 2:23 am

Depression is Real.
The question is, is it a Thing, or a Symptom of a Thing ?

I see it has been elevated to the level of Illness, like the Flu, with it’s own set of ‘Symptoms’.

I put it to you, that Depression is a Symptom.

From Observation and experience:

Lack of vitamin B12 – Depression
Lack of sleep – Depression
Problem with Adrenal Glands – Depression
Virus in one of numerous Organs – Depression
Lack of certain vitamins – Depression

It would be a shame to treat a Symptom, just because it’s easy, But I feel many Doctors are.

Depression is not my friend. It is my enemy.
A weak enemy at that, no more significant that any other Symptom.

In my case, I’m fairly sure it was a Virus, affecting my adrenal glands, that gave me accute feeling of hopelessness and pointlessness. in Waves.

Healthy Diet, Regular exercise, Regular Sleep.
Virus under control.
Depression gone.

If you are not sleeping well and alot – Give it a try.
If you are taking stimulants (Caffeine or Nicotine) – Give it up for 3 months and see if it makes a difference.
If you are lacking in vitamin B-12, eat some liver once a week, tell me how you feel in 3 months.
If you are not exercising every day, try it for a month, tell me how you feel in 1 month.
If you have a virus, then take special note of your diet and exercise regime.

Give it a try.


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