It Was Never, Just An Apple.

by Lauren Heaver

It is not JUST an apple.

Standing there, looking all polished and shiny and attractive and healthy.

It was never, just an apple. I knew it looked tasty, and nice and normal.
But I didn’t want to eat it. Or be forced to.
It was everything else at the time. The world, life, family, school, pressure, puberty.
The surprise of having to go to the doctor, to get weighed, and put things in your pockets, and still NOT believe the weight you are at.  The skipped study sessions when you went to the gym…the true cost it could get to, when your tutor was worried about your performance in exams, because of, you know, things like the apple.
I was coerced into eating an apple, when I felt very out of control. I did not know that things could get better. That it would change. I was at such a stage of the horrible ‘A’ word, the embarrassing ‘A’ word, that you don’t brush your teeth because you are afraid of the calorie content of toothpaste.
We don’t talk about it.  We just look and judge, and look at various criteria such as cv’s, jobs, exam grades, qualifications…we don’t look at what might be invisible…that being the individual trials that people have gone through and do NOT talk about.
Is it really better, to NOT talk about it, and go about our daily lives skirting over issues? Nah.

If you are concerned about the mental health of you or someone you know, talk to Mind on 0300 123 3393 or at their website, here.

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