How to Deal with Tragic Events Happening Around the World

posted by Farzeen Naqvi May 29, 2017
Tragic Events

As most of us know, the world can be a pretty messed up place especially with tragic events happening on a daily basis. Although unfortunately this has become the norm for us, this past week has been a lot heavier for people to deal with.

From the tragic event that took place in Manchester, Syria, Marwari, and Egypt this past week has been pretty overwhelming for all of us. When these events take place, they may make us feel upset, frustrated and angry and sometimes even hopeless. These events can also make us feel helpless as we want to help change the world but know that we can’t do much to end all the violence in the world by just sitting on our couches. It is completely okay to feel distressed after a tragic world event takes place however, it is important to learn how to cope with these feelings and make sure to not constantly beat ourselves up for something we have no control over. So, if you’re feeling upset over a tragic world event that has taken place here are some ways in which we can handle them:

Unplug from Social Media

social media Social media is something that most of us are all probably invested with on a daily basis. When a tragic event happens we usually see all of our social medias get flooded with information about the event and sometimes it can get really overwhelming. So, sometimes it’s important to unplug from social media and ‘take a break from the world’ for our own well-being.

Practice Self Care

self careWhen tragic events happen, especially when it’s a new event everyday our mind seems to only think about them and it can get pretty overwhelming. Due to this, it’s important to practice self care and do things that you enjoy to not only relax but to even distract yourself if needed.  

Talk to Someone

talk to someoneThis is probably one of the most important things that you could do when you feel flooded with emotions due to current world events. Whether it’s a professional, a family member, friend or even a stranger online it’s beneficial to have someone to vent to and talk about how you’re feeling.

Make a difference at home

still we rise When these events take place some of us may tend to feel hopeless and maybe even helpless and these feelings are normal however, these thoughts might take over us and that’s not fun. So, if you want to make a difference you can find petitions to sign online, call your local governors and politicians, join local activist groups, or volunteer at different human rights organizations. This way, although we can’t solve world violence we’re still able to make a difference at home which can hopefully reduce the negative feelings that we have.

Farzeen Naqvi

Farzeen Naqvi

Farzeen is a Canadian university student who is passionate about photography, cats, and all things human rights. She is also a mental health advocate who strives to make a difference.
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