Move Over Coconut Water, Birch Water is in the Building!

by Mental Movement Magazine

Forget coconut water. This new H20 just took bliss to a whole new level and to be honest, we’re upset we didn’t discover it sooner. 

So listen, Linda’s. We are BIG water fans. I’ll be honest, it is a struggle to fit in the 8 glasses of water a day thing sometimes, water can get pretty boring. I personally avoid tap water at all costs because according to my doctor, “it will cancel out your thyroid meds” and every morning we both reluctantly attempt to guzzle the boiling water with lemon because apparently, we’ll live to 96 if we do. Having said that sparkling water for us has long become our one and only… until now. Let’s talk about our latest discovery, Sibberi Water.

Who are Sibberi? 

So these guys are a bunch of super cool human beings who bypass all the laboratories and factories to bring you thirst quenching hydration straight from trees. No really. We’ve seen the videos. We’ve got the pictures. They literally drain this stuff straight from the tree. How cool is that?


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Sibberi was founded in 2015 by three friends with a passion for whole foods and were the first to bring tree water to the market. In June 2016 they became a winner in Richard Branson’s VOOM competition and last year stepped it up a notch to introduce their Maple and Bamboo Water. Yes we’ve tried all of them and yes, they are ALL delicious.

Birch please, I love the coconut water way too much. 

See what we did there? No one’s saying give up the coconut, but if it helps you should know Birch Water contains up to four times LESS sugar than coconut water. Yep, hydrating yourself with the coconut comes at a little sugary cost – something we didn’t actually know until we met some of the Sibberi guys. Oh, and it’s packed with electrolytes and unbelievably refreshing! No, you don’t understand. We’ve never experienced anything like this type of re-fresh. And no. Sibberi are not paying us to say this. This review comes from our new found love after discovering in that little bottle of joy. Trust us. It’s buff!

So what’s the deal with Maple and Bamboo Water? 

Maple Water is packed of manganese which assists in maintaining healthy bones and muscle tissue, as well as regulating thyroid function and blood sugar levels. One bottle of Sibberi Maple Water has the same amount of manganese as a cup of Kale. The Bamboo water is extracted directly from the bamboo trees and is apparently the best-kept secret for healthy skin, hair and nails as it contains the highest natural source of silica making Bamboo water a natural anti-ageing solution. Although we haven’t started glowing just yet, I’m pretty sure that’s only because we simply haven’t had enough of the stuff.

What one do I go for? 

Well lucky for you guys, you have a grand selection. We’d definitely recommend trying all three and our favourites do differ. I love the Birch water and Steph loved the Bamboo Water. The maple has a nice sweet edge to it, all of the waters have their own unique healing properties and always serve super cold for the ultimate hydration. We’ve even been sad enough to make bamboo ice cubes to add to our drink and have recently discovered these amazing bamboo reusable straws – so if you are feeling super fancy, why not?
For more information or to find out where Sibberi stock please visit them online at
Twitter: @Sibberi Facebook: /Sibberi Instagram: @Sibberi 



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