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valentine's day competition

Valentine’s Day has arrived. The “most romantic day of the year” greets us once again but despite the overbearing pressure to consume typical and eye-rolling V-day products for our loved ones, it’s not uncommon to choose loving self, before anyone else.

Using Valentine’s day to spend quality time with yourself can be really powerful. According to a quote on Pinterest, “loving yourself is the greatest middle finger of all time”, – that alone should want to make you hang out with yourself.

If we commit to valuing ourselves in a way we believe we deserve to be valued, as opposed to waiting on the outside world to validate and give us the love we think we need – that’s a win, right?

There are some great ways to help you take care better care of you, and they don’t have to end at the stroke of midnight either. Use V-day as a way to kick start some of the following, for the weeks to come …

  • Give yourself a break from social media. Social media on Valentine’s Day can be the best or worst place to be. Be mindful of the annual showmance posts that leave you feeling drained or depressed.
  • Release judgement of self. Accept yourself for where you are right now. Your worth and value are not dependent on external measures.
  • Tap into your creativity. Create a vision board for your dreams. Manifest all you want for your life moving forward.

Another way to factor in a healthy relationship with yourself is to master your mornings. Some of the greatest minds in the world have mastered their mornings by ritualistically following the same pattern each morning to ensure they start each day in the best possible way. Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and Barack Obama all implement impressive morning rituals. Well, you can too!

Leading coach and inspirational speaker Angga Kara of Inner Fire Coaching helps clients craft their own morning rituals and has teamed up with Mental Movement Magazine to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to bag one of his 6-week coaching programmes. His client lists include celebrities, international athletes to c-suite level executives with work taking him to brands like Redbull, Apple, MTV, Impact Hub, Alzheimer’s society to associate lecturing at Universities. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

The Competition

Enter our ‘Valentine’s Day Love Yourself’ Competition today and be in with the chance of winning…

x1 ‘Crafting Morning Rituals that works’ coaching programme worth £600 by Angga Kara Inspire.

6 weeks 1-1 bespoke coaching package to:
1/ Learn the magic of morning rituals
2/ Understand the difference between routine & rituals
3/ Tailor your own that suits your personal/working lifestyle
4/ Keep you accountable and support to keep you on track.

x1 Love yourself Mist from Ayurpothecary

Containing a delicate blend of luxurious French Tuberose and rosewood oils with a medley of natural botanical waters. This mist is the ultimate treat for your loved one or yourself. Using high-quality essential oils, absolutes and botanicals from all over the world, this product is Vegan and lovingly handcrafted in Yorkshire.

This will be accompanied with breathing techniques you can try to maximise the benefits. The spray contains Tuberose, which has proved a beneficial aid in reducing anxiety.

“It’s a little burst of happiness bringing peace and contentment… a form of mini-meditation to uplift & balance anywhere you go. Just the thing for busy lives. Love it.”

4 runner up winners will receive a bottle of ‘Love yourself Mist’ from Ayurpothecary worth £15.

x1 ‘Inspirational self-care book bundle’ chosen by Mental Movement Magazine

Mental Movement Magazine

How to enter:

Part 1. 
a). Simply follow @mentalmovementmagazine, @angga.kara.inspire & @ayurpothecary on Instagram and tag two friends on the post here.
b). Tell us about what self-love means to you, and share with us your favourite self-care rituals to win exciting prizes worth over £600.

Part 2.
Enter your name and e-mail here on the link:

Important: If you don’t complete both parts of the competition, your entry will not be valid. The competition will be reviewed fairly to ensure the winner has completed both parts. Don’t lose out on your chance to win this amazing prize!


More details on the crafting morning rituals programme that works!

Win the morning, win the day!
6 weeks 1-1 bespoke coaching package to
1/ Learn the magic of morning rituals
2/ Understand the difference between routine & rituals
3/ Tailor your own that suits your personal/working lifestyle
4/ Keep you accountable and support to keep you on track.

After experimenting personally for 2 years with various resources & programmes from different experts from the likes of Tim Ferris, Robin Sharma, Brendon Burchard and more. I’ve cracked the formula on how to make morning rituals work!  It’s been a long rollercoaster journey of learning.

I designed this programme as over 90% of my coaching clients morning rituals have been developed from this. 
Consistently it’s been a major shift in their life! This will be 1-1 coaching programme, where I’ll be supporting you each step of the way to ensure we reach the goal of the programme. The programme will be tailored to your individual personality.

There are a ton of resources online, but it’s all rather generic. We are not generic, we are all unique in our own ways. It’s about being able to work with our own unique ways of being and circumstances in life.

Maybe you’ve tried it before and for some reason, you’ve stopped along the way.
Maybe you’ve heard of it but never tried it.
Maybe you’re sick and tired of the excuses that you don’t have the time to do one.
Maybe you feel stuck where you are and want to shift gears in life but not sure how to.

I’ve designed this especially for:
– Business owners
– Managers / in leadership positions in companies
– Solopreneurs
– Creative practitioners
– Those that are single / in a relationship

I’ve particularly kept this for those of us who don’t have children. As they add an interesting mix in life and our focus shifts. Whilst we have the luxury of time to ourselves, why not invest a small chunk of your morning, to growth, development and taking steps to achieve clarity in our thinking.

This will be suited to those who are willing to invest in themselves and ready to take steps towards their being your best self.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” Einstein

Don’t take my word for it, some testimonials from my previous clients:

“ I was sceptical at first…. Angga helped to break this down so I could understand why it’s important for me… OMD I can’t believe why I didn’t start this sooner! Thank you for introducing me to this ” Elizabeth.

“ …I’m feeling great and rather proud of myself for sticking to it…thank you for your help Angga ” 

“ ….I’m still finding it hard to wake up earlier but getting into the rhythm….I found myself to be less stressed in the day…” Peter

“ Just realised I’ve forgotten to give you an update. Morning ritual is going really well, I’ve literally not missed a day since we met, I even factored in the ritual last Sunday as I wanted to do it. Feeling (fire emoji x3) at the min! Really appreciate the help and advise you have given me. Thank you  “ 

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