*Travel & Work: #LivingTheDream #MaybeNot

by Mental Movement Magazine
Travel work

To travel while working is the ultimate dream. At least, that’s how businesses and the average Joe on the street sell it.

What could be better than working in the sun sipping a pina colada, they ask, and they have a point. That is until both parties realise working and travelling at the same time isn’t always compatible. When this finally hits home, the reality of being away from your family and being bored can lead to mental health problems. Depression on the road is real – ask musicians, athletes, comedians and the rest.

Quitting isn’t an option, and neither is sucking it up and carrying on regardless. Here are the potential saviours.

Staying Connected

Everywhere we look, there is a Wifi connection sign telling you to go online. Please, follow the instructions and connect as soon as possible. Cambridge Analytica has scared users, but the truth is they have bigger fish to fry. You, on the other hand, need to keep in touch with the things and people which maintain a positive mental attitude. Of course, friends and family are a given and you should speak as much as possible, but there are other aspects too. Simply reading a British newspaper is enough to remind you of good, old Blighty and the miserable weather.

Looking On The Bright Side

The cast of Monty Python once sang “always look on the bright side of life,” and who are we to go against their genius logic? In a purely twisted Python sense of humour, the trick is to think about the negatives. Yep, take the weather for instance. Rather than imagining everyone having a good time, you can imagine them watching the rain from their living room. All the while, the sun cracks the flags by your feet and reminds you that travelling and working isn’t all bad.

Being Ready To Fly

Quite simply, nothing beats boarding a plane and going back home. Usually, business meetings and functions last the duration and there is no chance of a quick getaway. But, sometimes, God shows his hand and ends a corporate trip early, leaving you with a couple of days of free time. Booking a flight as soon as possible is the first move as if packing. However, other tricks include staying in TownePlace Suites or other airport hotels, as well as multitasking. For example, anything which is remote working can be done from the taxi or plane.

Avoid Loneliness

Mental health issues are worse when you are alone with your thoughts as it exacerbates the situation. The key is to avoid feeling lonely at all times by surrounding yourself with people. As it’s a business function, there should be colleagues in the same boat who also want company. Message them and ask them for a drink in the bar. Alternatively, go down there alone and let the buzz of the hotel soothe you. You never know – a stranger may start a conversation which turns into a pleasurable experience.

Work and travel aren’t the pipedream people like to advertise, but they don’t have to be the end of the world, either.

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