Why I Show You, The “Normal” Lady

by Poppy

Why I show you all, the “Normal” lady. Trapped inside. A lot of people don’t understand the feeling of being trapped. Trapped inside your own thoughts and memories…

… and by thoughts and memories, I mean every time you have the intention to do something positive to get you to a good place, those same reoccurring thoughts and memories creep up and trap you in a bad place.

  Even if you know they shouldn’t be locking you in, you can’t help but slip back into your normal way of thinking. This happens to me on a daily basis! To the world outside, I’m just a normal lady; one who has a normal job and who is in a loving, long term relationship… but… there is another side to me…a side I let very few see. I’m also a lady who has depression, suffers from panic attacks and battles with herself daily. But when people meet me, they only see the “normal lady“. The version of myself I choose to show you.
 The “normal” lady is somewhat in the public eye where, naturally, people expect a lot from me. The high expectation for me to always be happy, smiling and up for a laugh… but on the inside I’m crying and fighting with the fact that I’m overthinking EVERYTHING… battling with my own memories.
 I wish I could get up and be the “normal” lady everyday but due to not allowing people to see the other side I can never move forward. I’ve decided to write for #MentalMovement in the hope that maybe I can get people to understand that behind everyone there is a story that you might not know about, or even understand.
 I don’t even know if anyone would want to read what I have to say. I just hope at least one person does and finds some understanding that they are not by themselves…

Written by ‘The Normal Lady’

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