The Moments Journal

by Francesca Baker
The Moments Journal

Acknowledging the good things in life is a strategy well proven to be of benefit to us.

According to Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, there are physical benefits (such as better sleep, stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure), psychological (those practicing gratitude express higher levels of positive emotions including pleasure and optimism) and social (regular appreciation is correlated with individuals being less isolated, more helpful and more compassionate).

And so it makes sense that Good News Shared would be in on this. And, as befits their name, wanting others to experience this shot of positivity too. The Moments Journal is a place to reflect and respond to the day. It asks you remember the ‘small good things that happen in your day are worth remembering and cherishing.’ Founder Nisha Kotecha is on a mission to encourage people to make an impact and build a happier world, and this is her tool to help individuals ‘create, notice and appreciate’ all the good bits in their lives.

Featuring inspiring quotes, tips to make the most of the diary, suggestions for kind acts, and daily prompts around good news, kind acts, gratitude and positive things The Moments Journal is a fantastic tool for supporting you to see the good in the world, and as a result be a happier, more creative and energised individual with the capability to really change your own life and those of others.

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