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1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in any given year.

Since launching in May this year, we’ve pioneered a digital support network for those who are impacted by Mental Health problems. Each week, we publish articles written by people who have lived experience, want to help change perception, empower one another and create engaging content across a multitude of platforms.

We’re digital, which means that our overheads are relatively low, however, we have recently published our first zine. This, we co-created and developed with many of those involved at #MentalMovement and so far it’s been a huge success. However, we would love to have some more printed to ensure that we can support and inspire many more. We are also particularly keen to support those who are on long waiting lists for therapy. With first hand experience ourselves, we know how vital it is to be supported, encouraged and inspired during this interim period.

As a small, community initiative, with huge reach – we are incredibly grateful for any donation received in support of our work and will continue to work tirelessly towards turning this into a social enterprise. To make a donation, you can click the link to our Go Fund Me Campaign below. We are incredibly grateful for your generosity and any donation.




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It isn’t uncommon to feel lonely in your illness and being able to connect on a personal level with Emma & Steph is very refreshing. I have written for other sites and the lack of connection is definitely discouraging. The girls at #MentalMovement have not only welcomed me into their team, but have allowed me to explore all the ideas I’ve had and have worked with me on them.

#MentalMovement has been a light in the dark for me. There are plenty of sites out there, but finding ones with articles and advice that really touch you is difficult. It has felt awesome to feel accepted and encouraged with my writing and I am excited to see where the movement goes – I think it will be a massive success!

Gemma Callaway – #MentalMovement Writer 


“Writing for Mental Movement has given me the opportunity to share both my personal experience and knowledge, with the hope of being able to help others in their battle with Mental Illnesses. This is a great platform for anyone who is seeking advice, help and reassurance; a place for us to have our voices heard.”

Coralle Skye – #MentalMovement Writer


“Mental illnesses are no longer a taboo subject. Humans are now unashamed to say that they are struggling to maintain control over their mental stability. Whether living with panic attacks, anorexia, depression, OCD or anything else on the spectrum – the condition and level of hold they have over the effected person are varied. Each mind handles it differently, yet every host has one thing in common – loneliness. #MentalMovement is offering people a safe haven away from just that.

I have personally suffered with Body Dysmorphia, Social Anxiety and Depression for over half of my life, and when I was younger I remember seeking refuge online for anything that could help me make sense of these conditions, yet I was only met with “easy fixes”, condescending articles on what I am doing wrong in life, or the area of the Internet that bizarrely romanticises or praises mental illnesses. I needed #MentalMovement back then and I am honoured enough to be writing for them now. I’m nothing special, I’m just your average girl who has experience on her side. In the least self righteous way I can write this, I really am the person I needed back then. It’s difficult to relate to people of fame or power when it comes to things of this nature, as it feels almost.. fictionalised. They lead lives that don’t necessarily include the daily chores ours do. The same can be said about literal fictional written characters. As lovely as it is to read or watch a character overcome the issues we have in common, it never feels particularly motivating.

#MentalMovement matters. It teaches us that we aren’t alone and I firmly believe that it is going to open many doors for people who may be a little fearful of stepping over the threshold alone. Whether articles on ways that others have found sanctuary for a short while, or a post written in the style of a blog that gives you an insight into someone’s story. It’s all methods of coping for the writer, and even better, a fragment of hope for the reader. The Internet needs this platform. It needs it in all it’s variety and grit, the reality element of each post, and most importantly, the humanity behind each story that is not written in a victimized manner, but rather done beautifully candidly.

I needed #MentalMovement back then, and many will need it in the years to come.”

Anne Roberts – #MentalMovement Writer

Writing is important.  Writing about important things, even-more-so.
Before the ink dries, or a persons attention gets swayed by the myriad distractions that are available online, it is IMPORTANT to hold the readers attention.
Because a lot people cannot write or talk about this or that, or harrowing mental experiences – which are as common as the flu, because of what the ‘normal’ person tolerates.
Well, I write for #MentalMovement because I am not satisfied by this response.  And I want others to be able to be as vocal as I feel able to be.  Not to harp on to a boring extent, about the pain and misery and suffering involved with a mental health breakdown, but to be as close as possible to this ‘normal’ idea.  Or, possibly better than that.
What this movement is doing and WHY it is building-up such momentum is because it IS a familiar occurrence and it IS much more close to the ‘normal’ to experience some sort of mental health difficulty.
Words and sentences, or paragraphs may not seem like a lot.  But to someone who is in a bad place, every word is worth its weight in gold.
Lauren Heaver – #MentalMovement Writer 

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