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Storytelling is the Most Powerful Way to Put Ideas into the World Today.

#MentalMovement MagazineOur biggest passion at Mental Movement Magazine is getting YOUR voice heard, so we are super happy you’ve chosen us to help you share it with the world! To send us your writing, please do the following.

  • Try to keep stories between 300 and 800 words or fuller features 800 – 1,500 words
  • If this is your first submission, please include a photo of yourself. If you’d prefer we use a stock image that best represents you, just let us know.
  • Include a brief bio (1-4 sentences) plus any links to your blog or other social media handles which will be added to your Author Bio Box. 
  • We do accept previously published blog posts. In this case, just send us the link. 
  • Send all stories or questions to include category/categories you would like to see your article appear in. 
  • In your submission email please also include the post title, post tags, any images you wish to submit alongside your content, links to any relevant videos, websites, tweet embeds and/or any helpful professional sites for categories concerning mental illness/mental health etc.

*Please note that we do edit stories and their titles for length, clarity and our own editorial guidelines. If your story contains sensitive content, we may issue a readers *trigger warning* or add links to professional bodies who provide valuable sources of help at times of need, for example, links to The Samaritans, NHS or Mind.

Also, as we are currently only operate a small editorial team, unfortunately, we can’t publish every story or blog post that we receive on #MentalMovement. This does not mean that your story is not valuable to us so please don’t be offended. Fingers crossed one day we will become so big we can have a place for absolutely everyone on our site. Until then, we try our hardest to publish all of your stories.

We accept all people regardless of race, sex or gender, or country (yes, we accept writers from all over the world). There is no compensation however, this is all voluntary.

What other style of articles are you interested in? 

We want fun, quirky articles, investigative articles, humorous articles with a point, think pieces, how to’s, top 5’s, inspiration pieces, uplifting pieces, current events, dynamic, curious and interesting pieces. We’d like to focus on more social justice (LGBT+, Mental Health, Race, Feminism and etc) and politics pieces also.

What if I want to get involved but don’t want to become a writer? 

There are so many ways to get involved with Mental Movement Magazine behind the scenes. If you think you have a skill or something to add to the team then please get in touch! Email Emma on

Photographers, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Videographers … 

To submit work of this nature please introduce yourself and your work to us via and include your website/social media handles/portfolio and brief introduction. Our team is forever expanding and we have a database of creatives who’ve expressed their interests in submitting for both online and in print in the future. If you’d like to be added to this portfolio – please submit via email with the following heading RE: MM Creative Portfolio 

If you have an independent project or would like to collaborate with Mental Movement Magazine in some way, all proposals should be sent to Emma on with the subject header RE: Project Proposal/Collaboration. We look forward to hearing from you!


What are our editorial contributors are saying about Mental Movement Magazine?


“Being a writer for Mental Movement Magazine has given me a voice that has made me so much stronger, since publishing my first article its changed my life. I used to be so quiet about my mental health struggles, and now I am so much more comfortable with talking about it. So not only has the stories on the website and magazine helped readers, its helped me as a writer in so many ways as well.”Makayla Young, 20 years-old, Canada.
“It isn’t uncommon to feel lonely in your illness and being able to connect on a personal level with Emma & Steph is very refreshing. I have written for other sites and the lack of connection is definitely discouraging. The girls at #MentalMovement have not only welcomed me into their team, but have allowed me to explore all the ideas I’ve had and have worked with me on them. Mental Movement Magazine has been a light in the dark for me. There are plenty of sites out there, but finding ones with articles and advice that really touch you is difficult. It has felt awesome to feel accepted and encouraged with my writing and I am excited to see where the movement goes – I think it will be a massive success!” – Gemma Callaway, Cornwall.
“Writing is important.  Writing about important things, even-more-so. Before the ink dries, or a persons attention gets swayed by the myriad distractions that are available online, it is IMPORTANT to hold the readers attention. Because a lot people cannot write or talk about this or that, or harrowing mental experiences – which are as common as the flu, because of what the ‘normal’ person tolerates.   Well, I write for Mental Movement Magazine because I am not satisfied by this response.  And I want others to be able to be as vocal as I feel able to be.  Not to harp on to a boring extent, about the pain and misery and suffering involved with a mental health breakdown, but to be as close as possible to this ‘normal’ idea.  Or, possibly better than that. What this is movement is doing and WHY it is building-up such momentum is because it IS a familiar occurence and it IS much more close to the ‘normal’ to experience some sort of mental health difficulty. Words and sentences, or paragraphs may not seem like a lot.  But to someone who is in a bad place, every word is worth its weight in gold.” – Lauren Heaver, London.
“Mental movement has been an incredible resource for me in two very contrasting ways. Firstly, it’s a beautifully constructed zine that provides a plethora of information and insights into mental health which help to erase the stigma and, indeed, the feeling of helplessness and loneliness. Secondly, it’s provided me a platform to share my story, opened up incredible opportunities and helped build a network of likeminded contacts I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to meet. Mental Movement will go far, it has all the requisite tools to make a difference to so many lives and is run by absolutely fantastic people, a winning combination that deserves eternal respect.” Ryan Stolls, Cornwall.


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