Protecting Your Immune System While On Travels Through Hot Climates

by Mental Movement Magazine
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One of the greatest things about life is the fact that the world is so vast and varied in the most minuscule of things. When you want to go travelling abroad, you’re going to see another form of human civilization.

If you’re island hopping or simply going through multiple borders onwards to your next adventure, the experience can be almost overwhelming. When we’re meeting new people, trying new foods and our senses are totally alive being bombarded with different things at once, we realise this is what life is about. The sad part is that inadvertently, and without any warning, your trip can come to a halt and perhaps even an end. Foreign bodies that enter your bloodstream, while in countries that have wonderful people, but aren’t as sanitized and hygienic as they could be, can cause grave illnesses. This is what causes anxiety of travelling abroad to hotter climates which may pose a threat to your immune system. And yet, you want to be able to explore these great countries which you may never visit again. To avoid any needless stoppages, you must keep yourself safe from the plethora of hidden enemies that wish to attack your immune system during your adventures abroad. You must follow some procedures to minimize the chances of becoming sick while travelling.

Washing your hands It seems easy enough, but you’d be amazed to know just how many instances a person could have avoided getting ill, and yet basic hygiene slipped their mind. If you’re travelling through places that are prone to flies and mosquitos, just the mere chance of them sitting on your hands, rubbing their antennae on your fingers can transfer bacteria onto you. It’s quite easy to forget because while on your adventure, the mood strikes you or the group of friends you’re with to go and find a place to eat. You may not even realise that you’re in danger of consuming harmful germs that may not become apparent until later on in your trip. Even if you’re using utensils to eat, and feel that you’re safe without touching the food with your hands, sooner or later you’re going to forget. Even picking up a piece of dropped food, and not thinking about it, putting it in your mouth using your hands, will cause you harm. Always carry with you, some form of hand soap, some wet wipes and or a portable hand sanitizer. You might also want to carry a spare water bottle with an appropriate amount of iodine in it, so you have a quick way of washing your hands, while on the go.

Places where resources are scarce While you’re enjoying your travels in the hotter climates of the world, it’s important to recognize what the landscape and earth mean to your survival. It’s very important that everyone who goes on longer trips, whether by some form of motorized transport or simply by foot, is carrying with them, their own supply of water. However, the trouble is with many areas that are desolate, such as visiting African villages or more rural parts while on a safari trip, sooner or later you will run out of bottled water. Perhaps you can plan your trip around your resource level but when you’re on these amazing trips, keeping track of time is very difficult. Just to be sure, before you set off for your trip, you should get cleared for malarone, which is an effective drug that comes in tablet form, for preventing malaria. Malaria is still one of the most prevalent diseases in the world, and although there is no vaccine to you can take steps to avoid contracting malaria in the first place. You should be fully aware of what the local diseases and illnesses are before you enter into a country or particular parts of that nation. Taking these tablets will need to become regular once you know you’re heading into a potentially harmful zone which will attack your immune system. Avoid any unnecessary risks such as buying bottles of water from locals which have no certified brand labeling, as these may be filled with local sources of water. What you put in your mouth and body can only be regulated by yourself, so always plan ahead.

Avoid eating where bad reputations exist It’s very tempting to just go with the flow, by stopping and eating at restaurants or street food stalls after a long hard day of constant walking. However, if you eat at some places where the hygiene levels are low, and the practice of cleaning up and watching is lackadaisical, you’re putting your health at risk by eating their food. Before setting off, you could search online for restaurants and food stalls littered around the town or city you’re going to visit and read customer reviews. By doing so, you could then make a list of suitable places to find some food at the end of the day, without having to wander around and settle for anything. Many holiday and travelling websites encourage users to leave reviews which may be helpful to fellow kindred spirits, who are also going on their own adventures. You’ll get firsthand experience of where the best places to eat are. Of course, you don’t want to ruin a trip by not trying the local cuisine, but you should go about it in a controlled and safe manner to avoid the rest of your trip from being ruined.

What you put into your body is extremely important when you’re travelling. While enjoying the sights, sounds and the joy of meeting new people, be mindful that you’re not a local. Your immune system is not the same as people who have been living in such areas for many years, and thus you should be careful when it comes to hygiene. Wash your hands before eating, and start making it a habit before you sit down at the table. Avoid eating food from sources which you don’t know anything about, such as the food they sell, what’s in it and how it’s made. You can always spend a little time, exploring the local area online, reading what others before you, recommend while still enjoying the local food. Protect your immune system from harmful illnesses and diseases, with medicines which are designed to prevent certain attacks to your system.


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Alline Russell December 21, 2017 - 10:53 am

Great article and it is very nicely explained why immune system is important and how one can stay safe and boost their immune system just following simple rules, By this one can stay away from common diseases and live a healthy life.


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