Oddballs; The Pants That Keep Your Balls In Check

by Matt Peet

OddBalls is an underwear company that aims to raise money and awareness for testicular cancer. They care about your balls, and so should you! Matt caught up with CEO of the charity to find out more.

April is testicular cancer awareness month. According to The Movember Foundation, there are still shockingly large amounts of men who cannot recognise the symptoms of the disease.

Testicular cancer is one of the most common cancers among men under the age of 45. And yet, according to the research, one in 10 men don’t know how to check their testicles signs. It’s thought that a quarter of the male population have yet to undertake a self-examination which could be life-saving and just over 70% of men are not checking themselves regularly enough.

If you’re still unsure on how to check yourself for signs of testicular cancer, Oddballs have compiled a video to show you exactly how to do it. So, there you are. No excuses! Go have a feel!

William, it’s great to speak with you, lets get the ‘ball rolling’…sorry, couldn’t help myself. If an alien landed on earth tomorrow, in one short paragraph, how would you explain what Oddballs is all about?

Oddballs was founded in 2014 by 3 Guys from Newcastle. Richard Metcalfe (Ex Scotland Rugby Union Player), Steve Harper (Ex Newcastle United Footballer) and Paul Varley (Local Businessman).Β The idea came around over a few pints on the topic of fundraising for charity whilst setting up a business at the same time. Everyone also agreed that there is a distinct lack of good quality colorful underwear for men.

How long have you been with Oddballs?

I joined the team from the beginning and ran all of the branding and marketing. In 2016 I became Managing Director and run the business on a day to day basis.

Everyone in the rugby world…and the sporting world has posed for you in your branded undies but who do you think really rocks a pair of Oddballs?

The best person in a pair of pants is the average bloke, slightly chubby, hairy chest who wants to wear some brightly colored pants and support the cause. Obviously celebrities and sports stars have had a huge positive effect. Some of the most well-known are celebrities are; Alan Shearer, Ant & Dec, Mark Wright & Kelly Holmes. Teams that have got involved are Welsh Rugby Union Team, English Rugby Union Team, All Super League Teams, All Premiership Teams, All County Cricket Clubs + some Premiership and Championship teams such as Leicester City and Newcastle United.

I myself only just found out a couple of days ago that you are doing Obble hats – which I thought was awesome and would really like a Wigan Warriors one but you are out of stock any chance, any chance – are you planning to move in to any other areas of clothing?

At the moment our core products are Underwear, Hats & Socks. Online we also have sports tops & shorts, pajamas + more. We are always looking at new and exciting products but the core products will never change. We have some more Obble Hats going on sale in March, the last batch sold out!

What is Oddballs main goals for 2017- 2018?

We have a few plans for 2017/18 that really promote Testicular Cancer and also the mental health issues associated with Testicular Cancer and Male Health in general. Our main goal is continue growing, the more people who have heard of the brand or wear the pants the more people who will be checking themselves regularly. We know that what we are doing is making a difference and it has great to see and hear stories from customers on a daily basis. The check yourself guide on the back of the packages made a massive difference and we saw a number of people thanking us for it after Christmas presents had been opened and inspected by men and boys across the country!

Do you wear your own products if so what are your go-to pair?

I can honestly say since day 1 I have never ever worn any other underwear. Nothing else quite matches the comfort. My favorite designs are Hippy Jungle, Commando & a simple pair of black on a busy day.

If you fancy sporting your own pair of Oddball pants, be sure to click here to scout their entire collection and support the Oddball movement.


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