Neal’s Yard Remedies: Creating a Beauty Routine For Self Care

by Gemma Callaway
Neals Yard Remedies

When I’m having a depressive episode, the first thing that goes down the drain with me is my hygiene and self-care. Suddenly, brushing my teeth is the equivalent to climbing Mount Everest. Twice. And, showering? Not in a million years.

I have found a huge way of combatting that and pushing through the wall, is by creating a beauty/self-care routine that makes me feel good and that I promise myself to follow.

Even when getting up and out of bed is last on the list of things I want to do; I push myself to get up and begin this self-care routine. By doing so I jump start my self-esteem and positivity and set myself up for a good day.

I wouldn’t be without my beauty products which sculpt my self-care routines leaving me feeling great, inside and out!

These are some of my absolute favourites:

Wild Rose Beauty Balm 


This beauty balm, with vitamin and antioxidant-rich wild rosehip seed oil, is a ‘jack of all trades’! It can be used for:

  1. Exfoliating Cleanser
  2. Intense Moisture Boost
  3. Balancing Facial Mask
  4. Nurturing Lip Balm
  5. Nourishing Nail Balm

I have found it to be amazing for moisturising my face, and great as a lip balm. I also use it on my cheek bones for an extra glow over my make up for when I’m going out. Bonus: It smells DELICIOUS.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


If you haven’t got coconut oil in your essentials you need to get hold of some – it is to die for! There are so many uses for coconut oil from moisturising, to oil pulling, to nourishing your hair and so much more – it is a total all-rounder.

This product is pure, raw and unrefined and it can be used as a beauty product or as part of your everyday cooking. It is 100% organic, vegan and cold pressed.

Remedies to Roll: Energy

2741_Remedies_To_Roll_Energy_184x215.jpg copy

I have fallen in love with aromatherapy over the last few months (check my article on essential oils!) and this invigorating blend of rosemary, lavender, geranium and grapefruit is now one of my favourite things.

I use it every day, rolling it behind my ears and on my neck, wrists and temples. As well as an energising, productivity boosting product; it acts as a pretty good perfume! I carry it in my handbag and use it throughout the day.

White Tea Enriching Face Mask


This is a detoxifying and antioxidant-rich mask that nurtures dry and sensitive skin. It is gently cleansing with age-defying, white tea.

I was so excited to find a face mask that actually left my face feeling refreshed and I use this weekly, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and plump – I just love it!

Neal’s Yard Remedies is my go-to place for great quality beauty and wellbeing products. This company carries great ethics with natural, organic products which are cruelty free and absolutely gorgeous. I would 100% recommend having a look around their site to discover some gems.

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