Fitness – My Go To Workout

by Gemma Callaway

Fitness has played a big part in my recovery this year (I’ve even recently being hired as a trainee fitness instructor!) so I wanted to share with you all my go-to workout. If you’ve not considered fitness, get to the gym and try this workout 2-3 times with a day or two in between and see how it makes you feel. I promise you those endorphin’s are real!

You’ll need an hour of free time, a bog-standard gym, a bottle of water and a little determination!


5-7 minutes on a Cross Trainer

This will warm up your muscles and reduce the chances of pulling any!

Tip: If you struggle with shortness of breath, up the level and slow down your pace.


I use a tabata style of workout, which means you have structure but you can alter to suit your level of fitness. You can incorporate exercises that target any areas of your body you’d like to focus on also.

You will need a timer for this. I recommend downloading the app ‘Timer’. You can download this from the App Store (not sure about Android, sorry!) And see the setup that I create below.

Once you have setup the timer all you have to do is press ‘Go’ in the top right corner. Ensure your volume is turned up loud as there will be voice and beep cues so you don’t have to keep an eye on the time!

The exercises below are the ones that I favour – give them a go or make your own!

Following the timer, do each exercise for 30 seconds (with an 8 second break in between). You will have a 1 minute 15 break in between. Then continue to the next cycle until you have completed 6 cycles.

Cycle 1

Pilates Swimming

pilates swimming

 Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks

Bent Over Row
Bent over row Burpees



Push Ups

Push Ups

Squat with Side Leg Lifts (Alternate Legs)


Bicep Curls




Squat Thrusts


After you have completed the six cycles do not forget to stretch!

Have a little rest after you have completed the workout for no longer than 2-3 minutes and then jump on the rowing machine!

I usually find myself somewhere in the middle as far as the resistance level goes, but just find a level that you feel comfortable with.

Complete 1,200 metres (no time limit!)


3-5 minutes low intensity on the Cross Trainer

Complete your one hour session (if you have time left) by having a comfortable walk on the treadmill.
Happy Exercising All ☺

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