Listening Exercise; I am Grateful – a Self Love Project by Emerald x Tiger

by Jasmin Harsono

We all deserve the time to look after ourselves, mind, body and spirit and practise the art of self-care. 

Stop what you are doing and give yourself just one minute to relax and reset.

Find a quiet spot and take a few nice slow breaths. Tell yourself something that you are grateful for.

For example, I am grateful for waking up in a warm bed on a cold winters day. Try not to overthink it, embrace whatever comes naturally.

Put on your headphones and click on the pink box to start the guided sound to aid your mediation, press play and repeat to yourself over and over again,  ‘I am grateful’  ‘I am grateful’  ‘I am grateful’ and now close your eyes and continue to repeat this until the minute is up. Open your eyes. Take one last slow breath and exhale longer than the inhale. Stand up and stretch out your body and smile. Go about the rest of your day and drop back into this meditation whenever you want to relax and reset.

Emerald and Tiger

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