Light Up Your Life With Lumie Light Therapy

by Mental Movement Magazine

I’ll keep it brief. Winter is here and if you are anything like us you’ll be ridden with dread. Winter is not the one when you deal with anxiety, depression and SAD so we thought we would share something that helps us add a little light to these darkened months.

Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, is a type of depression that sets in throughout the winter months. Some might know SAD as the “winter depression” because the symptoms are more noticeable and severe when we lack the sunshine.

Although SAD improves and can completely leave us during the spring and summer months it ultimately returns on the arrival of autumn and winter creating that dreaded seasonal pattern of highs and lows. Sigh. Well, we absolutely loathe winter for this and have tried almost everything in our power to prevent it, keep it at bay or avoid it all together.

One of the most effective things we have discovered thus far is the Lumie Light Brazil. Prior to this I actually purchased the Bodyclock Starter 30 to help us get up in the mornings as winter darkness only seemed to add to that struggle – however, after many failed attempts in actually getting it working with its 90’s style push button functions I lost my patience with it and it’s since sat in the corner of the room collecting dust.

The Lumie Light Brazil on the other hand has been an absolute god send and after my therapist initially recommended I invest in one (or at least beg for one for christmas), it’s been the best addition to my environment since, nope. It’s the best. Can’t top it.

The Brazil Light has the largest and strongest energy light, with bright spectrum bulbs to treat SAD in only 30 minutes a day. These light boxes are excellent ways of treating the symptoms of SAD with their summer levels of bright light. They lift mood, boost concentration and restore your natural energy, useful for sports training, women’s health and many other conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders and Alzheimers Disease.

You can read more about the positive benefits of light therapy for those dealing with mental health here.

All in all this simple plug in and go sunlight is incredible. It honestly feels as though you are sunning yourself on a beach. If you want to increase your experience I highly recommend using this whilst doing your morning yoga or when watching this beach waves video on YouTube, sipping on an ice cold frappe. Honestly, it tricks your brain into thinking you are actually you are somewhere buff!

So, who know’s – perhaps this Christmas you’ll be asking for some additional light in your life, and if you do – let me know what you think!

Beam me up, Lumie Light.

For more information on Lumie’s Brazil Light you can visit their website here at

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