Is the Work-Life Balance a Myth?

by Fiorenza Rossini
work-life balance

The word “Balance” implies there is an equilibrium between your personal life and professional life.

But can we really have a perfect equilibrium every day?

We are humans

We can’t be perfect all the time. It just isn’t possible.
We have strengths and we have flaws.
We have triggers.
We have pet peeves.

Unexpected things happen

As much we’d like to we can’t control the unknown.
That’s life.
Which means that we’ll have crazy hectic days where it’s gonna be all about work. Or we’re gonna have crazy hectic days where it’s gonna be all about your kid’s fundraising project and no work will be done at all.

Like everything else, your work-life balance can’t be perfect every day.

What work-life balance really means

Work-Life balance means that no matter how much you love your work, you also prioritise yourself, your family, your passion projects. You acknowledge that to be the whole YOU, there’s more to it than just work.

You are making constant efforts to create healthy boundaries between your work and your personal life.

For example, you no longer check your work emails past 8 pm at night, or you allow yourself to go for a walk without your work phone.

Or you have recently discovered a new passion project and that has given you the best sense of balance you’ve ever felt in your life.

Accept the day as it comes but don’t underestimate how much you’ve accomplished

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Give yourself some credit.

Maybe today is a hard crazy day but that’s ok because as work-life balance is a priority, you’ll make it up tomorrow.

This can mean that tomorrow you’ll prioritise yourself more (some self-care maybe) or that you equip yourself with better tools to tackle crazy hectic days.

How do you equip yourself on hectic days?

1. Learn and implement coping strategies beforehand so you feel more prepared.

2. Set an emergency self-care plan to support you throughout and post your hectic day.

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