Join the ‘Inside Out UK’ Launch Event ‘Let’s Talk; Mental Health’

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Inside Out UK

Inside Out UK, an organisation helping to reduce the risk of young people developing mental health problems is launching its first mental health event ‘Let’s Talk; Mental Health’.

Inside Out UK is an organisation that promotes mental health and positive wellbeing through creativity. The organisation, founded by 21 year-old Psychology graduate Vanessa Boachie-Appau encourages people from across the city to share their experiences of the mental health system in the UK and prompts creatives, entrepreneurs and philanthropists alike to come together to debate across the evenings event. Hailing from East London, Vanessa’s work in the mental health sector is undoubtedly the largest contributing factor compelling her to create such an event with a real desire to do more for people that are living with severe mental health conditions. 

Working alongside Vir2ous Management (a hospitality and events management company), Inside Out UK’s first event ‘Let’s Talk: Mental Health’ will be held on Sunday 11th June and will mark the official launch of Vanessa’s organisation.

With an evening promising remarkable stories presented through performances including spoken word, poetry, story-telling, singing and motivational talks, the night is certain to educate and inspire.

This is the beginning of a nation-wide push to do more than just increase mental health awareness amongst young people where the organisations sole focus will be on prevention, not cure. Vanessa says “No one is immune to developing mental health problems, yet it is often the case that people are not actively working on improving their mental health – mainly due to lack of knowledge”, her event is a “real chance for young people to learn and acquire skills that can help develop healthy minds”.

Following the introduction of Inside Out UK on social media in April of this year, the event has sparked a lot of interest within the community both on and offline, leading to exciting partnership opportunities for the organisation. One working partnership has already began with, ‘My Mind Sight’, a group of two mental health doctors and two mental health nurses. The aim is to deliver psychoeducation sessions in schools, universities, workplaces, places of worship and any other groups who request this service- starting from September 2017.

Inside Out UK

Event Details: 

Hosted by: Gani B

Special Guests at the event will include: 

Nikky O – Philanthropist/Mentor
Tolu Balogun – Co-Founder of T&T Homes
Henry Stone – Poet
Triple O – MOBO Award winning Rapper
Vanessa Boachie – Founder of Inside Out UK

Performances by:

Eche Egbuonu – Poet/Creative
Shantéh Fuller – Singer/Songwriter

Location: The Lost Theatre, 208 Wandsworth Road, London SW8

Time & Date: Sunday 11th June, 6:00pm

Cost: £7.89

Tickets for the event cost £7.89 and are available for purchase here. 

For information about Inside Out UK and how you can get involved please visit

Twitter @InsideOutUK

Instagram: @InsideOut_UK

Facebook: Inside Out UK

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