It’s Still Raining Purple; Happy Birthday Prince

by Stephanie Lendon

The passing of the world’s greatest lyrical genius, Prince Rogers Nelson, hit me like ton of crystals falling from the sky. It’s been raining purple in my soul ever since.

As a child my mother would listen to his music on repeat, as loud as the stereo would go; we were even permitted to listen to the curse words as if they held magical properties. She would sing along seductively, (in the days when I thought my mother sounded like an angelic Whitney Houston), and declare that Prince is a God, and mean it! This was my childhood, and what a great childhood it was. I was introduced to a God.

This love and fascination for Prince followed me into adulthood. I remember being on the tube on my way to university, listening to Indigo Nights, when I decided my dissertation would be based on Prince. Then and there, one year earlier than necessary, I started on a two year long research project called: Sex, Gender, Race, and Masculine Identities in Popular Music; A critical look at Prince Rogers Nelson. This was the best decision of my academic life; I spent two years immersed in Prince, reading theories, stories, interviews and watching performance after performance in order to back up my argument that Prince is the greatest artist of all time. What an absolute honour it was to be able take a very small look into the life of my idol and to use this passion as a tool to obtain my degree.

I would like to share with you one of my favourite and lesser known lyrics of the late and great Prince Rogers Nelson:

“I got a beggin’ woman
She beg me all the time
Beggin woman, beg me all the time

If I only had a nickle,guess what?
This, beg for a dime, oh yes she did
Just poverty striken,wait

I got a beggin woman
Always beggin me
Take her to the mall, she want everything little thing
she sees
She even beg a second for a minute
She beg a long haired poesuem out a tree, oh yes she did

A ain’t done talkin’ about her..

She beg my Aunt Gertrude
She even beg my Uncle Jake
She even tried to beg the sweetness out of my Grandma’s
lemon cake

Oh I got a beggin woman
She beg me, beg me all the time

I still love her though..
But I got one more thing I got to say

She’s a cockeyed woman to
She look both ways at the same time
I don’t know what she’s lookin at
I just know I’m gettin’ tired of trying

She ask me for the pepper
When she lookin’ at the salt
Everytime I try to guess right,it’s always little
Prince’s fault
Beggin woman
She beg me all the time

Oh no no no I ain’t through..

Don’t ask her 4 directions, you’ll get lost every time
eye ?
I still love her..poverty stricken! Cock-eyed! But

Wait a minute!

She’s three handed to
She know just what to do
She’s right handed, left handed, and under handed to

With her right hand she’ll embrace you
While her left hand dims the lights
All the time she’s rehearsing
For another date she got tomorrow night

Three handed woman
She ain’t goin’ never, never,never treat me right

With her left hand she’ll caress you
With her right hand she’ll straighten your tie
When you ain’t lookin’, she up on the phone
Callin’ some other nappy headed guy

Right handed, left handed, and under handed to..

One more thing..
When she says goodnight,she says you the one
Your the one I’m about
But you know you steppin’
Some other man is steppin’ out

Oh she thinks she’s slick
But she cockeyed, she beg, and she got three hands

But I’m looking for somebody that I can ah.. MMM..
I’m looking for somebody that I can just.. MMM.. MMM
Lookin’ for somebody that I can just keep satisfied.”

~ Prince Rogers Nelson

Oh, and Happy Birthday…

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