“It Gets Better” Belgium Based Theatre Company Explore Youth Suicide

by Mental Movement Magazine

“It Gets Better” Belgium based theatre company Het Theatrelab are heading to Kingston’s Arthur Cotterell Theatre to showcase their latest piece carrying a strong message about youth suicide.

An incredible array of talent is about to grace the local stage and share a message so strong you are likely to be left questioning the darker aspects of our society. Currently holding the national title (in Belgium) for Dance and Theatre and last year winning themselves the peoples choice award – this group of young performers are clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Het Theaterlab is a company of young artists. Their mission is to provide opportunities for young adults. They are known for their abstract and innovative view on the performing arts, combined with a critical response on society today. In “It gets better” you will see 10 performers between the ages of 12 and 17. They are current national reigning champions of performing arts in Belgium 6th year in a row and last year’s winner of the IYAF people’s choice award.

“In life you get two choices, bully or be bullied. The schoolyard is a jungle and only the strongest are on top of the food chain. So, do you stand up to your suppressors? No off course you don’t. You look the other way just being happy you are not the weak sheep. Can you honestly say, you have never been mean to somebody just because you felt like it? Or to impress other people. Is bullying a result of insecurity? Or is being bullied earned by not meeting the current trending standard of society.”

Today suicide rates for children and young adults due to bullying is at an all-time high! In “It gets better” the young performers conduct a social experiment. We go looking for who you are, who you were and then maybe change who you’ll be. #TheChangeStartsToday #FuckYouBully #ItGetsBetter

Event Breakdown:

When: Wed 13th July @ 13.30 // Thu 14th July @ 20.30
Where: Arthur Cotterell Theatre – Main House
How much? £5 – £8
Recommended 13yrs+ (contains strong language & nudity) Duration: 90 mins
Where can I get tickets? Right here!

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