Why You Should Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

by Amy Golby

Why should you feel the fear and do it anyway? I think that things are always better when you share them with people. Passions, interests, problems, worries and most importantly laughs and memories. As humans we are natural ‘pack animals’, yes we have our own opinions, views and belief systems but when push comes to shove we operate in packs – work, friends, family’s.

These are all groups we form to make us feel safe, which is essentially what animals do in the animal kingdom to survive. That being said one of the scariest things you can do is try and join a new group. As a child I was forever changing my mind on what sport or activity I wanted to do next, my poor mother had to take me to swimming one week for me to turn round and want to do karate the next. As a child I never feared that I wouldn’t know what I was doing, that no one would talk to me, or I wouldn’t fit in. I went because I was so excited to try something new and see if I was any good, plus I was always the child who bowled on in and introduced myself first anyway. I found as I grew older and the standard body and mental changes happen, I grew more cautious of throwing myself into things for fear of failure and rejection.

I think the fear of failing and rejection is one of the biggest reasons people don’t push themselves to achieve their deepest dreams and desires. We’re programmed as we grow to like structure, follow rules and have a clear definition of what is acceptable and what is not. I am a fan of structure – don’t get me wrong, without structure my life would be a mess: from meetings deadlines, attending meetings, and competing in sport, I need to have certain structures in place E.g. without a structured training program I would never be where I am now but this all comes after taking that first leap of faith.

The fitness and sport industry from the outside must look ridiculous, a group of people who push their body’s to the limit in a multitude of different coloured leggings and crop tops, doing a million fitness classes a day, and not to mention looking at themselves in the mirror a lot. I can see why people who have never set foot in a gym before , joined a boot camp, or signed up for a event decide it’s not for them before they’ve even really given it a go.

Well now is the time to STOP!

I started in a gym not knowing what I was doing, I started playing netball not knowing what I was doing, but I don’t regret a single thing. The people I have met through my love of sport and fitness are like a second family, the passion, determination and want of the same goals bond you together in such a way that you forget your differences and become a family. The first step is always the hardest, the scariest but the most rewarding.

From a personal trainer like myself I value someone with spirit, someone who works hard and someone who is willing to get involved and encourage others over someone who looks the part but tears people down.

The people in the fitness industry who are there for the right reasons don’t care what you look like, they don’t care what kit you’re wearing, they don’t care how much you lift, how fast you can run, or how many events/races you’ve completed – they want you to hit your goals however big or small they are and they want to help get you there. Sport and fitness is a place where even the smallest goal or milestone is celebrated in the biggest way because every single one of those people have been where you are and know the hard work you’ve put in and felt that elation you feel when you get where you want to be.

When you are part of a wider community that are all striving for the same things, you experience the highs and the lows together but the best part is there is always someone else who needs you more then you need them, no one person is the best at everything where others are weaker you will be stronger and have to pull them through.  The best part I find since I joined the community is there is always someone who’s been where I am and gotten through it, from injury to lack of progression – there is someone who hit the same wall, climbed over it and will give you a leg.

So what are you waiting for? Feel that fear, do it anyway and come and join our community.

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