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posted by #MentalMovement February 2, 2017
Project Postcard Mental Movement

To send a postcard in the Digital Age is a simple, yet grossly underestimated gesture. We spend so much time sending texts, messaging via our social media and tweeting one another you might wonder what the need is to send someone a postcard?

It’s that simple yet overtly powerful acknowledgement that other people exist in the physical universe, and a postcard expresses a desire to reach out and connect with other individuals no matter how great the distance might be between sender and recipient.

It’s the physicality of that object, the gloss and the roughness, the hand scribbled writing, the damage incurred in shipment, the smell – its all of this that carries such rich value in its narrative; one that enables us to pursue profound connections that simply cannot exist in cyberspace.

In all honesty, those of us dealing with Mental Illness often find an undeniable need for human contact, even when we may not be ready to indulge in it. That’s where Project Postcard comes in.

Project Postcard is the brainchild of #MentalMovement travel writer Caroline Hajny who is calling everyone to band together and send postcards from their destinations, from home or abroad. You can be anywhere in the world to get involved. Post your warm and positive energy through the letterbox’s of our incredible readers to uplift, inspire and share comforting words. Caroline said “In case you need a little pick-me-up, some motivation or simply some kind words – we will fill your post box”. The idea is that people will send one #MentalMovement reader a postcard. The more people we get involved, the more readers we can reach!

It’s simple. Here’s how you can get involved.


You might be off on a wonderful holiday, traveling around the world or a full time travel blogger OR you might even just be reading this from the comfort of your own living room and thinking, hold up – I want to send a postcard too but I’m not travelling anywhere – it doesn’t matter. Anyone can send a postcard and anyone can receive one! If so, then we want to hear from you! All you have to do is email us and we shall add you to our senders list!


If you read the blog regularly, know someone who might appreciate some kind words from a total stranger or simply love the idea of receiving a delivery from Project Postcard then all you have to do is email us your name and address. *Please note that we are extremely hot on our security and data and no information will be shared with any other parties. Your name and address will be sent securely to our senders only and deleted indefinitely thereafter. We will not retain your information under any circumstances.

If you fancy getting involved why not let us know by tweeting us @mentalmovement #projectpostcard

Or email us your name and full address to hello@mentalmovement.co.uk with the subject header Project Postcard

Let’s do this!!!!


We want to challenge and re-address the way mental health is dealt with and portrayed. #MentalMovement is an active platform online covering current lifestyle content created by our writers; who happen to, in their own ways be struggling or have had a personal experience with mental health. Some posts published by #MentalMovement have been submitted anonymously to protect the identity of writers.

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Sharonet March 11, 2017 at 5:50 pm

Your pages are always a good read and and would like to send a postcard sounds a great idea


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