Become A Part of ‘Acceptance is Peace’ Exhibition 2017

by Mental Movement Magazine

‘Acceptance is Peace’ is an exhibition that aims to celebrate women in their most authentic forms. In a generation where women are sexualised yet judged for showing skin, the curators of this exhibition have found a beautiful way to honour and celebrate our bodies.

Despite living in an age where we are conditioned to always be unsatisfied with what we have, the women behind this exhibition want to help us celebrate who we are, what we have and accept ourselves in a quest for ultimate peace.

The exhibition aims to provoke thought and emotion based around our perceptions of self. Exhibition curators Yasmin and Bardha said “We want to accept our bodies, our past and accept who we are, how we feel, and even the negative thoughts we may have in our minds, sometimes finding peace can come from expressing yourself and we thought this project would do just that”.

How can I get involved?

This project is primarily photographic. We are looking for people who would willing to have parts of their body photographed. Parts of your body that you are most comfortable with along with a short statement about your own journey with self acceptance and self love. The caption seeks to be honest, real and true to your own feelings/thought processes about this part of your body.

What will the photographs look like?

Below are some mood boards capturing the essence of what we would like to achieve with these photographs.

Where will the photographs be exhibited?

The images will be shown for one night only, in an evening for women’s international month in March. You will be able to invite friends and family to come and celebrate also.

The images will not be used on any social media platforms unless discusses as we really love the idea of it being one night only. You are of course able to have a digital copy to keep for yourself.

Deadline for requesting interest?

Please email Yasmin or Bardha on by Sunday 5th February 2017 with an expectation to shoot photography by mid February.








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