Getting Started – An Introduction To The Gym

by Amy Golby
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So summer is almost upon us and you want to be feeling your best both mentally and physically, the problem is you’ve never been a member of or even been in a gym before. There is nothing to fear, this is my guide to getting started in a gym.


1) Don’t just sign up

Look at the local gym’s around you and go a visit them, most gyms will give you a free day pass to go have a look around and try it out before committing to a contract or membership. When you join a gym make sure it’s somewhere you like to be and where you feel safe and happy. A gym should be a community and not all types of communities work for everyone. As a beginner do you research into what the gym’s culture is like and make sure it fits into your lifestyle and who you are as a person.

2) Book an induction & ask questions

This the best way to make sure you are comfortable with where everything is, what machines and equipment the gyms have and a little introduction on how to perform basic exercises on these. These will be taken by the gyms fitness instructors and they should show you all the basics, anything you are unsure of ask… that is their job, they should start you off on an introductory program so make sure you tailor to areas you want to change.

3) Take a friend

If you’re nervous about starting at a new gym then get a friend to join with you or join a gym where your friends already train. It means you can train with them while your confidence grows and also means you can encourage each other. It’s always more reassuring when you’ve got someone with you and training with friends is also a great way to bond and be that person for each other who can support one and other along their journey. It’s been shown that people who work out in pairs or groups become more committed and have more fun.

4) Try a class

Every gym now has a variety of classes as part of their memberships, so make full use of them and sign up to them of all. Classes are a way to learn new exercises and ideas on ways to train without the cost of a personal trainer but under the watchful eye of a class instructor, that being said if you don’t enjoy a class try it again with a different instructor. There are so many to choose and try from Spin to yoga. Everyone is different which means everyone works better with different teaching and training styles, find an instructor you relate to and enjoy being in the class with and it will drive you to work harder.

5) Still unsure?

Book a PT session – If you’re still unsure about what you’re doing or how to get the best from your program, either ask from a free consultation/taster session with a personal trainer or book in an hour. Yes it will cost you but if it means you’re going to feel more comfortable and reach your goals quicker in the future it’s worth it, however again make sure they are the right trainer for you use your experience with them in classes to make an informed decision. I met my personal trainer in a body pump two years ago, and she got me to my first mile stone, inspired me to re-train as a personal trainer and is one of my best friends.

6) Have fun

If you aren’t enjoying yourself then change it up, joining a gym and embarking on a lifestyle change for a healthier happier you shouldn’t be a chore or something that is forced. If you prefer joining a gym that is only class based do it, if you really don’t like the class change it out for something else, if it’s getting boring change up your programme – just make sure you’re enjoying yourself and having fun. When you enjoy what you’re doing you’ll be more committed, get more results and have will be happier in general life.

So now you’ve got the guide it’s time to join up and embark on a healthier you! Next week I’ll show you how you can still work out even if you don’t have that much time.




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