The Real Reason Why You Should Respond To That Text

by Darren William

You see me, you don’t,
You see me, you don’t,
You see my message, read it but will you reply? No you won’t and you know why?
Because you don’t realise,

How much difference a notification sign,
Can make to how somebody feels inside,
In fact in this day age it’s a beacon of light,
And a big enough reason to survive, yeah that’s right,
Time can be the difference in so many lives,
We just need to broaden our visions and open our eyes,
And realise one of the best ways to be kind,
Is to give somebody who needs it a piece of our time.
The truth is, that your 30 second SMS,
Could be the response needed from an SOS,
So don’t ignore anybody who’s struggling or sent you a text,
Because the consequences could be worse than you guessed and far from what you’d actually expect,
And I’m not talking about losing a little respect,
Or being annoyed no, I’m talking about death,
This world needs us now more than ever to connect,
Yet we expect attention and responses after we’ve done something ourselves,
But when receiving a message from somebody else,
It’s like reading the cover of a book and putting it back on the shelf,
Just stop being rude and ignorant as well,
And realise a conversation is just a way of asking for help,
I know we’re all going through struggles ourselves,
Dealing with life in the best way we know how,
But never forget that on cold nights and dark days as well,
You may need a notification beacon sent your way yourself.

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