5 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day in 30 Minutes or Less

by Coralle Skye

5 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day in 30 Minutes or Less. We all have them; every single one of us. Those days make me question every single aspect of my life.

The other day I woke up and immediately I felt that crushing sadness. What is the point of living? Does anyone really care about me like they say they do? If I disappeared would anyone notice? And why doesn’t anything in my life make sense? These negative thoughts linger every minute of the day, threatening to bring me down, consuming who I am. And it’s not fair. I know I have to ignore it but it’s still there. The truth: You can’t run from how you feel. You have to accept it. Question it. Challenge it. Don’t get confused with what is real and what is not. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

You should know that thousands of people all over the world feel the same way you do. And if we’re completely honest with ourselves, none of us know exactly what we are doing, most of us are still trying to find our reason to keep going. I’ve found mine. Over and over again. And you can find yours too.

Let go of any negativity

Negative thinking will not get you anywhere. So let go of it. Disentangle it from your mind and cast it away as if were insignificant. Take a walk somewhere, breathe in and out, look at your surroundings. I mean really look at it. Nature is one of the most beautiful things about life.

Talk to people who care

You can tell yourself that no one cares and no one is willing to listen but it’s not true. There are so many people who can relate to your situation. Find a friend, family member, a stranger – just talk to them about anything that’s on your mind. I find that talking brings us together, helps us heal.

Help someone else

Being able to help someone is the most rewarding thing you will ever do. It could be anything from donating to charity, volunteering in your spare time or just simply being there for a friend when they need it the most. You will feel proud and happier knowing that you are making a huge difference.

Take some time out to relax

Sometimes you do have to be selfish and put your own needs first, especially on those days where getting out of bed is a challenge. The people who love you most won’t resent you for it, they will admire you. It’s not easy to give up your responsibilities.

Read a book

I always recommend sitting down and reading a book. It’s a way of escaping from your own life and finding comfort in a whole other world. Some days that’s all you really need – to get away from your own thoughts.

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